Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Training

Search Engine Optimization: ON Page
• Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner
• Page Naming {URL Structuring} and Folder Naming
• Image Naming, Image Title and ALT Tags Creation
• Meta Tags-Description, Keywords, Author, Country, Robots
• Redirection Tags
• Headings Tags {H1 to H6}
• SEO Freindly Content Writing {Insert keywords in content}
• Anchor Text, Link Title
• Robots.text file use and creation
• HTML Sitemap creation
• XML Site Map Creation
• Ror text sitemap
• Site Tracking Tools (Googe WebmasterTool, Google Analytics Tool)

Search Engine Optimization - OFF Page
• Generating Quality Back links
• Google Page Rank
• Search Engine Submissions
• Content Writing
• Directory Submissions
• Article Writing and submissions
• Press Release writing and submissions
• Blog Posting and comment writing
• Social Bookmarking
• Social Networking
• RSS Feeds

Email Marketing
• An overview of the email marketplace
• The role of ESPs (email service providers)
• Threats and challenges for email marketers
• Increasing your open and click-through rates
• Email design & development do's and don'ts

Google Analytics
• Introduction to Google Analytics
• The Principles of measurement
• Conversion Tracking
• Behaviours and Bounce Rates
• Making the Most of Reports
• Effective Analytics strategies for online businesses

Frequent Website Analysis
• Search Engine Updates
• Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries
• save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and Emd Update

Social Media Optimization

What is social media?
• Social media best practices
• Define your objectives
        › Goals
• Research
       › Identifying opportunities
• Measuring your goals
• Where to exist?
      › Network set up and Implementation
• Restrictions
• Risk management

Advanced Social Media Optimization
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Linkedin
• Google+
• Blogs
• Forums
• YouTube
• Social News Websites
• Review Sites
• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Other Social media analytics tools
• Social media engagement tools
• Social media monitoring tools
• Measuring ROI from your campaigns
• Benchmarking ROI from social media
• Optimize
• Social signals
• Google authorship
• Social advertising
• Social media platform overview
• Social search overview
• Strategy & execution
• Social media strategy check list
• Social media guidelines & inhouse
• Risk management
› Dealing with negative social
• Media mentions
• Analyze, test and refine
• Tracking trends and metrics
• Using Google Analytics
› setting up social goals

PPC Training Course

• Introduction to PPC Concepts
• Keyword Reaserch and Analysis
• Evaluating Markets and Competition
• Optimising PPC Campaign Structure
• Ad Group Optimisation for Quality Score and Ad Rank
• Effective Ad Text Copywriting
• Important Factors for Landing Page Quality
• Testing: A/B Split and Multi Variate
• Interpretation of Results: CTR, Conversion and ROI
• Best Practice Tips and Tricks for our Google Qualified AdWords Specialists

Following this training course you will have a better understanding of:

• Essential digital marketing, the key channels and the underlying principles
• How to put together a digital marketing strategy
• How to set KPIs for your online marketing activity
• Integrated Search Marketing strategies
• Social Media marketing in a business context
• How to effectively plan your email marketing campaigns
• Online display advertising networks and banner formats
• Mobile apps, mobile web and location-based services
• Analytics: what to measure and how to manage

This training course will be led by R Kishore who is having 14 Yrs of Digital Marketing Experience. Kishore is a strategic digital marketing trainer, consultant, author and blogger.

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