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Mar 13, 2017

Content Writing Tips: How to Write Effective Content for Landing Pages

To grab user’s attention on a landing page, we need a compelling and action-oriented copy. The following content writing tips will help to create engaging copy that can initiate valuable conversions on website landing pages.
  • Know Exactly Who You’re Talking To
If you skip this first step, all other copywriting tips won’t improve your landing page. To write the gripping article, first of all, you must first know exactly whom you are talking to.

Always define your target audience’s statistics and characteristics, so you are aware of the fact, what they want and need, and how they speak. When you have one target audience in mind, your article will be much more focused, rather than a largely undefined audience.

  • Keep the Most Important Information First
Well, here’s one of the most powerful content writing tips is to include very important right away. Online readers always move around webpage’s quickly, so you only have a few seconds of time and inches of space to catch their attention. On a landing page, include the most relevant information, which is the part of a webpage that is evident before a user starts to scroll.
  • Describe Features as Benefits
When writing, you should describe the features of a product by describing their benefits.
  • Features are an element of a service or product.
  • Benefits are how that characteristic helps the user.
The main thing to know how to write content for a website is learning to write about features as benefits.
  • Speak Directly to the Reader
There are a few conventional writing ways you need to break if you want to write gripping website matter. One of them is writing in the first or third person. While writing the article, you should use the second person, which means using language to speak directly to the reader. For this type of writing: Always include phrases and words such as your, you, and yours.

Also, note that even if you are writing SEO content; always remember that the article isn’t all about keywords. Speak to and write for readers, not just for search engine crawlers.
  • Format Text So It’s Easy to browse
In a good online article, the formatting of the text is just as important as the phrasing. In order to find the information they need in a few seconds, the article requires to being formatted in an easy way to read and to scan for readers.

Great copy is formatted using a combination of:
  • Bulleted lists
  • Font formatting such as bolding and underlining
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Short paragraphs and sentences
  • Pull quotes
  • Utilize White Space, Graphics, and Images
Use non-copy elements to guide and engage readers. Break up copy using graphics, white space, icons, and images to draw a reader’s eye to important elements and avoid overwhelming them with text.
  • Avoid Passive Voice
In order to encourage the user to take action, you require using active language in your article and try to avoid passive voice. Active voice sentences are more direct, easier to understand, and more brief than sentences written in passive voice
  • End Strong
You must infuse article with the approach at the beginning and end of the page if you want it to effectively motivate your audience.
  • Put Your Content to the Test
After completion of your article, always perform a test to check on-page SEO and make sure the landing page is optimized for search engines.

In order to identify errors and opportunities quickly on your landing page, use On-Page SEO Checker. Well, continue to tweak and update your page until you reach your conversion goals.

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