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Nov 3, 2015

Explore the Power of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising probes specific business to place custom ads or content targeting audience by gender, age, interests, and location. Facebook is a unique platform which helps meet millions of expectant customers from all across the globe to boost all business goals in a quick session. Facebook advertising features most unique ways to attract millions of audience and advertise the product to the right demographics. Advertising on Facebook creates three elements for an ad which consists of title, body, and image to draw attention of the targeted audience.

Facebook Ad Images: Size and Color
Facebook Advertising Policies provides few guidelines:
·         The ad image is limited to 110 x 80 pixels
·         The ad image should be in a ratio of 4:3 (or 16:9)
·         The ad image is limited to 5 kilobytes
·         Text: 90 characters
·         Headline: 25 characters
·         Link Description: 30 characters

Facebook Page is a social networking hub that takes your business to the next level; it is a great way to connect with right people at right time. It is an easy and quick process for Facebook Advertising Perth to choose customers for its business that can be reached on any device like desktop, computer, tablet, and smartphone. You need to provide an eye of detail with eye-catchy words when designing Facebook ads and most of the ads are to be reviewed with-in 24hours.

Facebook Advertising Perth should create an ad object that need to be interfaced into three elements-
·         The Ad should be creative
·         The Ad Placement
·         The Ad Final Preview

However, Facebook requires audience to engage with only the best content on their News Feed, hence advertisers are to provide with unique content to improve marketing strategy and reach their expectant customers. Advertiser must know about Facebook insights on their business page, which gives a deeper understanding of the customers, their needs, and interest. A Perfect Facebook Page helps build brand awareness and improves business products and services. Marketing on Facebook helps get connected with future audience and improve brand value, increase sales, engage audience, and draw huge traffic to the website. Facebook Advertisers can use wide range of tools available to check how they're working and make them even better build relationship with people. Advertisers need to target accuracy and affordability to make an exact and incredible place to bring real results.

More than 1.4 billion users get connected to Facebook, where 900 million active users visit every day. It helps every advertiser to build small, medium and large business to grow. Advertiser need to pay minimum budget of $1:00 USD for any one ad, which must be at least 2 times cost per click (CPC). Facebook Advertising can make earn on investment, where it allows doing certain things before setting back on the advertising budget. Advertisers need to post unique content that users can enjoy on Facebook, which should attract the users to like, comment and share hence keeping in touch. Facebook allows Advertisers to target ads based on location and demographics to behavior and interests. Use the Adverts Manager dashboard to check your ads analytics against your objectives.

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