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Oct 9, 2014

Search Engine Optimizers Back in Action

Despite being tumbled, scared and shaken by most powerful search engine algorithms like Google’s Panda and Penguin from last one year, SEO world is back in action with good grip on the search engines. There were no expected results coming on, even people did not had any idea about what is happening in the background, how the search result rankings and SERPs are sorted in popular search engines. Many companies were looking for an alternative and many of them adopted to best of their knowledge.

There are rumors on the internet showing scary articles and infographic images which say about the death of SEO. Many bloggers wrote on a topic of ‘SEO is dead’, but the real thing is SEO is not dead and never it is. These articles are published to get publicity over the web. There is a lack of truth in those articles. People are reading, liking, sharing and commenting on those articles so they are spreading all over the web to get a lot of engagement from users.

Following statements are strong reasons which clarify the above topic
  • Search engines will display results based on words that we enter in the search box
  • And the resulted websites are sorted through an algorithm
Above two statements are good enough to say that websites still need search engine optimization to be visible on the internet. If websites won’t use good SEO strategies, they still have a chance to be penalized by major search engines such as Google. That means website should and must practice good SEO techniques to generate more business.

SEO will not die until search engines exist

SEO will not die until search engines exist especially popular search engine like Google which keeps on changing its algorithm frequently. There may be good and bad times for the SEO people to apply their tactics on the websites which may give them positive or negative response depending on their way of using strategies.

There are significant changes happening in the search engine algorithms in recent years which are aimed to produce quality results for the people who are looking for the best websites on the search engine results page.

SEO people must concentrate on the good SEO practices that actually work on search engines. ‘Content is King’ strategy is the best and working for all the websites which are using unique and useful content. Rather than saying SEO, we can say keyword stuffing is dead as many websites are penalized by Google which fill its pages with keywords that they target.

SEO is changed, its standards are alternated from time to time. Now it is not an old link building style, it has been substituted with other result oriented techniques. Search engines have a very good relation with the website that includes recent, suitable and trustworthy content which focused around the related topic and keyword of the business to help searchers to find your website.

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