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Feb 7, 2014

Don’t Give Up With Google Updated Algorithm

You might have spending much time to create great content to move up your blog or website in search results to gain more free traffic which may proportionally increase the profit. But from the last one year, SERP's are not fulfilling the needs of the webmasters. Many of them are trying to figure out the exact matching steps to crack the Google latest updates and algorithms that frequently change these days to grab a grip on the Google SERPs.

Over the past 12 months, Google started their game up in reducing spam sites in SERP’s with continuous algorithm updates. Google is always trying to keep their search spam free, for this they are updating algo’s continuously.

Below are the major updates done by Google from past 12 months

• 4 Panda updates
• 2 Penguin updates
• 2 unknown phantom updates
• Pay day loan update
• Knowledge graph update
• Hummingbird

With the above updates most of the sites gone out from SERP’s and few lost their rankings. Now it’s time for all players to open up their mind to find the best solution to rank in Google SERP’s. Webmasters are fighting a lot on Google rankings to get their websites back in results.

9 Steps to Get Better Ranking in Google:

Never work for #1 Position in current situation, Try Building Brand value First
After a deep analysis on ranking factors, I came up with few things which will definitely work out for webmasters to gain their rankings back in SERP’s.

First Step: Disavow all your bad neighborhood links from Webmaster tool

Second Step: Quality content (Matters a lot) on Website

Third Step: Don’t use your targeted keyword directly in Anchor text or Text link

Fourth Step: Create blog for website and post quality articles daily (suggested: or

Fifth Step: Keep an Eye on competitor’s postings on web (try to grab the same)

Sixth Step: Link Building with High Authority websites (Chances will be less to get link backs)

Seventh Step: If you have a budget, better go for few paid Press Releases site (Monthly Twice or Thrice)

Eighth Step: Social Signs

• Google +1′s
• Facebook shares
• Backlinks
• Facebook total
• Facebook comments
• Facebook likes
• Pinterest
• Tweets

Google took away the ranking power option from webmasters and put it in the hands of web users. So the only major option to rank well in SERP’s is to gain user trust by means of social media.

Google has made a massive change towards social signals as a ranking factor.

Ninth Step: Better to have affiliation for your business to increase the brand and viral traffic (If Possible)
Follow all the above nine steps and see the difference in your SERP’s. 

This post is purely for the webmasters who are looking for serious rankings

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Serge said...

Good tips!
I've heard about most of them...the new one for me is number ninth, putting accent on affiliation for your business. I'll keep in mind that this also important since the last Google updates.

Unknown said...

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