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Feb 22, 2014

Best SEO Strategies to Rank in 2014

Today, SEO is almost change from past. A successful SEO need to have different components which includes Responsive Design, Brand Building, Social Media Integration, Content Marketing, Mobile Optimization

Below are top 5 trends needed to follow for a SEO success:

Responsive Design:
Google is recommending responsive web design; it makes it possible for a website to present a great user-experience (which is currently most important concept in SEO) across all devices with different display dimensions. For these aspects, responsive web design is the best option for your mobile SEO strategy.
Remember, Google is now positioning on user-experience as a ranking factor.

Brand Building:
One of the most important factor for ranking in Google, building your brand is more essential than building back links to your website. One concrete example is Google now focusing on Google Authorship, a program which connects the content to author profile which identified authors' content performing better in search engine results. Building your brand through authorities are significant steps to position well over time

Social Media Integration:
Google is now depending more than ever on human signs by means shares and mentions on social media. Especially Google Plus performs a part with SEO. Social media has grown to the peak where its intersection with SEO to help determine search engine ranking positions. Social media is the best way to explore your business to world

1.       Build your Google Plus Presence
2.       Ensure to have a blog for your website, which have content sharing modules built in  

Content Marketing:
Content marketing has been one of the most essential resources used by internet marketers and organizations for web promotion over the last several years. In 2014, content marketing is going to become top marketing buzz than even. The greatest pattern in 2014 when it comes to all kinds of content marketing will be the value creation

Types of Content Marketing:
·         Blog Posts
·         eMail Newsletters
·         Podcasts
·         Video
·         Social Media Posts

Mobile Optimization:
Mobile optimization is not an option now, after hummingbird updates it’s became very difficult for sites to rank well without mobile optimization. This contains both responsive web design and mobile optimization. According to Pew Internet 50 percent of People in America own mobile phones and more than a third own tablets. By means of mobile content strategy you can now increase more users to your business. So it is must to have a mobile optimized site for your business.

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