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Jan 30, 2014

Is Article Directories Really Working Out For SEO in 2014?

Webmasters usually try various methods to build back links, from different aspects link directory submissions, link exchange, comments and many other choices to build links. In recent times Article directories have been making buzz around to build links by submitting an article in various content submission sites along with a hyperlink, to build links.

But recently Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts, stated as a personal recommendation not use article submission directories to build links; he also posted out a video encouraging webmasters not to use article directory web sites with the aim of building links. Matt also tweeted his answer to the question, Are Article Directories recommended to build links? Matt said “No.”

There have been several questions and answers like.

Why does GOOGLE support Article Marketing sites? If we cannot create back-links in the Article then how will our keywords rank on search engine? Some of them are saying Each and Every link building technique you mentioned above is still working but one has to do it in a natural way. Some of them are stating They have done article marketing in the past and found out the hard way that Article Marketing is NOT advisable.

Is it something like Google doesn't want you to BUILD links but wants you to EARN links? Ideally Google would prefer that you earn links based on the value you provide.

What do you Say? Is Article Directories Suggest to Build Links?

Shankar said...

Hi Kishore...

I hope article submission is still worthy because Google and Matts always said that Content Is King For SEO..
My point of view Articles is still a main aspect to gain quality back link.

Unknown said...

Article Directory information very well and good.............

Unknown said...

The information that your provides is very useful and good

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