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Oct 28, 2014

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization and Google Latest Updates

SEO is an acronym to the phrase "search engine optimization". Search engine optimization is about performing unique matters in your web page to generate extra traffic to it so that you can maximize on line income and website traffic. You will find several, but below we'll go over what it is actually as it relates to freelance writers. And, this implies crafting textual content in a specific way in order that net surfers i.e., world-wide-web users can land on a distinct web-site. What freelance writers need to be concerned with is search phrases. What exactly are key phrases? Search phrases will be the words and phrases that internet surfers form in every time they search for matters on the web.

Oct 9, 2014

Search Engine Optimizers Back in Action

Despite being tumbled, scared and shaken by most powerful search engine algorithms like Google’s Panda and Penguin from last one year, SEO world is back in action with good grip on the search engines. There were no expected results coming on, even people did not had any idea about what is happening in the background, how the search result rankings and SERPs are sorted in popular search engines. Many companies were looking for an alternative and many of them adopted to best of their knowledge.

There are rumors on the internet showing scary articles and infographic images which say about the death of SEO. Many bloggers wrote on a topic of ‘SEO is dead’, but the real thing is SEO is not dead and never it is. These articles are published to get publicity over the web. There is a lack of truth in those articles. People are reading, liking, sharing and commenting on those articles so they are spreading all over the web to get a lot of engagement from users.

Feb 22, 2014

Best SEO Strategies to Rank in 2014

Today, SEO is almost change from past. A successful SEO need to have different components which includes Responsive Design, Brand Building, Social Media Integration, Content Marketing, Mobile Optimization

Below are top 5 trends needed to follow for a SEO success:

Responsive Design:
Google is recommending responsive web design; it makes it possible for a website to present a great user-experience (which is currently most important concept in SEO) across all devices with different display dimensions. For these aspects, responsive web design is the best option for your mobile SEO strategy.
Remember, Google is now positioning on user-experience as a ranking factor.

Feb 7, 2014

Don’t Give Up With Google Updated Algorithm

You might have spending much time to create great content to move up your blog or website in search results to gain more free traffic which may proportionally increase the profit. But from the last one year, SERP's are not fulfilling the needs of the webmasters. Many of them are trying to figure out the exact matching steps to crack the Google latest updates and algorithms that frequently change these days to grab a grip on the Google SERPs.

Over the past 12 months, Google started their game up in reducing spam sites in SERP’s with continuous algorithm updates. Google is always trying to keep their search spam free, for this they are updating algo’s continuously.

Below are the major updates done by Google from past 12 months

Jan 30, 2014

Is Article Directories Really Working Out For SEO in 2014?

Webmasters usually try various methods to build back links, from different aspects link directory submissions, link exchange, comments and many other choices to build links. In recent times Article directories have been making buzz around to build links by submitting an article in various content submission sites along with a hyperlink, to build links.

But recently Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts, stated as a personal recommendation not use article submission directories to build links; he also posted out a video encouraging webmasters not to use article directory web sites with the aim of building links. Matt also tweeted his answer to the question, Are Article Directories recommended to build links? Matt said “No.”

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