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Dec 16, 2013

SEO Content Major Impact in 2014

Google’s Hummingbird has been update latest Internet marketing strategies at end of the 2013, but marketers are begin some of the major impacts to Search Engine Optimization.

Hummingbird targets on semantic searches and return back to Google search engine to believe what pages are more relevant. Hummingbird has decreased traffic results in search engines for long-tail keywords, which are most prominent in the earlier period. Google hints the best way to drive traffic through unique and quality content to improve traffic and to avoid Google penalty. 

According to Google Search Engine is likely to prefer in-depth content in next year, while SEO experts are already been traveling in this direction. It is very tough task to achieve authority-status with short relevant content published on the website, but Search Engine experts expecting unique content between 1,000 and 2,000 words in 2014.

Meanwhile, many of the Internet marketers have begin in order content at least more than 800 words.
Google and other search engines have started encrypting searches, while companies are searching for data-mining and marketing demographic chances. It is the major part for individuals and companies to keep themselves in safe zone to avoid identity theft against hacking and data theft.

Content writers must improve to develop content for Google+ and other social media websites to gain site’s ranking in search engine results. Twitter, Face book and Pinterest are major social media websites to drive traffic from Search Engine. 

RBR said...

much excited...

Mokshitha said...

Dear Rallapalli ,

Agree with your post content. 2014 Seo completely depend on unique quality content and promoting those contents in advanced seo strategies.

Social Media promotions also become a part of SEO .

Thumbs up for content.

Unknown said...

very nice and decent blog,amazing job

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