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Apr 18, 2013

A Short History on Social Media, Facebook and Twitter

Social media is all about people interacting online and discussing things like messages, movies, images and links with one another. The earliest source of a social media network can be found all the way to 1994 when Google GeoCities developed a web hosting support where internet users needed to select their town in which to point content. But the idea of GeoCities eventually died out and by '09 Yahoo closed its social networking tool in the US and the web hosting service exists only in Japan now.

MySpace Became Popular In 2003 MySpace was founded within 2003 and rapidly became one of the more well-liked social media networks online. It was originally designed for bands and music artists and their fans, but quickly became popular as the social network of choice by the mass internet neighborhood.

The Emergence associated with Facebook Between Might 2005 and February 2008 it was the very best social network in the world, however Facebook was pending large in the chicken wings and by April 08 Mark Zuckerberg's social networking giant overtook MySpace, which ultimately plunged into a fast decline. 

The Arrival associated with Twitter In '06 When Twitter was introduced in early 2006 it had seemingly small in the way of competition. Even though it was a social network website as such, it was more for micro blogging statements, known as "tweets." Users would publish a statement telling all their own followers what they used to do in messages which were no longer than A hundred and forty characters long. 

The issue With The 140 personality limit because there was a small limit on the amount of characters 1 was able to post on Twitter, URLs needed to be shortened to accommodate a brief statement and the URL itself within the 140-character restrict. A shortened Web address would often reduce a URL down from anywhere between Fifty characters to 150 characters to just 10 or so. Any user who clicked on the shortened URL would still be directed to the website the tweeter desired.

Twitter has gained enormous popularity in recent years, not just because of its simple way of micro blogging, but because of its many celebrity users and attention it gains in the media. Facebook joined in the cell phone revolution and produced its own apps so that registered users can now socially interact on the go. 

The thought of Twitter was developed in a day by a group of board members at a podcasting organization called Odeo. The idea had been for one member in order to update all the others with a short couple of words of inconsequential information, similar to twitter posts from birds. Have to Shorten and Reduce the Length of Your links?

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