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Oct 4, 2012

Remove Computer Virus - Using Task Manager and Command Prompt

You can remove your computer virus by using Task Manager and Command Prompt

Remove Computer Virus

Follow the steps:

Step1: open you task manager or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete in your keyword
Step2: If there's a prompt message like this "Task Manager is disabled by your administration"
step3: As you open your task manager, go to the process tab.
Step4: There you will have to kill a process that keeps the virus running.
Step5: You can't ever delete a file if it's use by programs or if it's running
Step6: Now, this is somewhat difficult because you don't know what the process that is running in your computer that is use by the virus
Step7: Sometime, the file that is use by virus was "wscript.exe"
Step8: If you found that on the process tab and you did not running a script in your computer, then you must kill that

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