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May 21, 2012

Facebook Advertisement Budget and Pricing - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 13

Before you start spending money on Facebook, it’s important to know how much you’re willing to spend and how much your advertising/marketing budget will allow. When in doubt, start small! Create a highly targeted ad and monitor it for results. When you’ve fine-tuned it for maximum results, then you can add another advertisement to your campaign or increase your budget.

I always suggest when you start an ad just start with a 50$ for each 3 different ads, so you test those 3 ads and the one who converts more stuck with it.

Once you’ve created your advertisement and chosen your target audience demographics you’ll be asked to set your budget and pricing. Here are the decisions you’ll be asked to make:

Pricing Type, there are two different pricing types on Facebook. They include:

Why Social Bookmarking - Who uses social bookmarking

 What social bookmarking is...

There are a group of web sites on the internet that are allowing people to save links ie. create bookmarks to web pages that they want to remember and/or share with others. These links or bookmarks are saved on a social bookmarking site and are usually viewable to the public. Social bookmarking sites sort of resemble web site directories.  The actual "social bookmarks" are basically links on a social networking site that have been added into an appropriate category by including the URL, descriptions, titles and keywords that apply to the bookmarked web site.

These bookmarks or links on the social bookmarking sites can then also be tagged or voted on by others which then provides some indication of its value, popularity or give an indication of a developing trend at that social networking site. Voting and Tagging of bookmarks are done by independent account users at each social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking links will tend to accumulate more tags over time if the social bookmarking site receives a fair amount of traffic. The more tags and votes that a bookmarked site receives, the higher the ranking of that bookmark within that particular category of the social bookmark site.

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