Digital Marketing

May 11, 2012

Interact With Your Fans - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 7

Interact With Your Fans

Want to have highly active fans in your Facebook page? You need to know how to make your Fans Active for any Update you do. You will need to make your fans so hot for your news or update. latterly you really should invest your time on this, because the number of followers isn’t as important as how your fans interact with you. Whether it’s posting followup comments or reaching out to fans that have asked valuable questions or have even posted criticism, it’s important that you build the best relationship with your fans.

Ask Questions
Facebook Pages present an amazing opportunity to learn about your existing Fans or customers. People love to talk about themselves so ask them questions that are also related to your company. For example, Baskin-Ronnins happened to ask about the favorite flavor in one of their updates and they got hundreds of comments answering the question. Additionally you can simply ask general questions such as “what are going in next weekend?”

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