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May 10, 2012

Facebook Optimizing your page SEO “Search Engine Optimization” - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 6

If you don’t have any idea about SEO, simply the main goal of search engine optimization is to increase the amount of traffic going to any given site by search engines. Now search engines (and mostly Google) serve as the starting point of a user’s journey around the web.

What’s great about Facebook’s public profiles is that Facebook already has a big amount of search engine
juice. Google alone has indexed over 430 million pages for Facebook.

1. Get Your URL
URLs are a large part or search engine optimization. Search engines use as much information as possible to determine the relevance of a particular page for a given search. For example my page has the following URL: which makes it easier to access. The short URL is definitely effective at getting Google “juice”. Go here to get your custom URL but make sure that you have got more than 25 fans.

2. Select A Good Title For Your Landing Page
The name of your Facebook is so important. On Facebook Pages there are few things you can use to boost your search engine rankings and page titles is one of those things. Many SEO experts will tell you that spending a lot of time on the title of a website isn’t important as much as the pages title inside that website. So spend enough time to configure the time of you Landing Page.

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