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Mar 13, 2012

Why Internet Security? How it would be helpful in protecting your Internet hub

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In our day-to-day internet life we would have faced many problems from minor to major like PC infected by virus,unwanted pop ups,malicious code transformation from random site visits,email warning from the hacker that your IP address is hacked,we can also include some major problems like social networking account hacking by stealing the personal details, Money loss during a transaction through Internet.

Are you people going to be the victim of these problems. No right? Then I would suggest you to come out from the ignorance of the Internet Security.

Why Internet Security? How it would be helpful in protecting your Internet hub.

The Internet Security's importance is going to the high level in the past decades due to the arise of problems like Virus Attacks and Hackers Activities.

Mozilla is offering an experimental add-on to its Firefox browser

Mozilla is offering an experimental add-on to its Firefox browser, which illustrates technique tracking graphically as the user moves between sites

Collusion is part of Mozilla's work with the Ford Foundation to inform people about the privacy aspects of cookies and browser tracking. It creates a spider-style plans of tracking as the user goes between sites.

demo of the software reveals how users are tracked between two websites that share an advertiser.

The add-on will allow individuals to see who is tracking them and to convert tracking off precisely, says Mozilla.

Google Changed policy on "Do Not Track" (DNT) for its Browser Chrome

Google has changed its plan on "do not track" (DNT) for its browser Chrome and will include the function by the end of the year.

DNT will allow users to set their browsers Tracking is used by many websites and promoters to collect information on guests' behavior.

US government announced plans to introduce a written Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, similar in scope to European data privacy laws.

"As the internet evolves, consumer trust is essential for the continued growth of the digital economy," said President Barack Obama in a statement.

"That's why an online privacy Bill of Rights is so important. For businesses to succeed online, consumers must feel secure."

SSL to Global Search Sites Added By Google

Google has improved protection on its searches globally by increasing standard SSL encrypted sheild to search made from any of its local websites, such as

Formerly SSL was only used to looks created from the US website.

Meanwhile, a survey by Pew Internet reveals a dislike among the majority of American adults for personalised search.

Applying SSL encryption will "increase the security and comfort of your web searches," said Google software professional Michael Safyan,

This SSL will applied to the searches only if you login in to Google accounts.

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