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Feb 21, 2012

Googlemail and YouTube Blocked in Iran

Google has confirmed that the users in Iran have been bloced from accessing its HTTPS sites such as Gmail and YouTube.

According to an e-mail by the Google, the prevent has been in impact right since Feb 10 by Bloomberg. Unconfirmed reviews recommend that the Iranian govt made the decision to use such a ban after arriving across speculation that an anti-government demonstrate was being thought out for the thirty-third anniversary of the Iranian

Due to this prevent, all secured sites based on the HTTPS method will now be unavailable to the nation's public. This means that no Myspace, no Google, no financial sites for the Iranian Online customers until and unless the Govt believes it is secure to give up the ban.

How to Obtain the Top Position in Google for Your Site

One of the greatest problems with seo (SEO) is the fact that the the search engines (particularly Google, with by far the most traffic), change their algorithm consistently. These changes impact the results of sites, and can often lead to a website dropping position in the natural (or organic) the search engines results. The definitive objective of SEO is to obtain and sustain the best location possible for your website, while as well preventing charges. Eventually, the one thing that has not modified much is the value of having one-way, top quality hyperlinks coming into your website — the more such hyperlinks, the better for your visitors.

For years, website owners invested hours creating mutual hyperlinks with other Web websites. Unfortunately, these hyperlinks do not really work any more. Another alternative that works right now is the three-way backlinks structure.

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