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Jan 25, 2012

Why RSS : Why You Want It

There appear to be several theories about what RSS means so I goes with the most popular, Real Simple Syndication.

OK, enough geek speak, you’ve always wondered what it are able to do for you, right?
I imagine your vehicle radio has several stations programmed in. These may be the stations that best match your tastes. There can be a few featuring your favourite music and perhaps a traffic report station. Getting them to programmed in your radio means you can get them with one push from the button instead of searching everytime you would like to tune in.

RSS are able to do the same on your web browsing. Instead of opening endless emails or trawling through websites hoping to find a nugget of useful information you’ll be able to subscribe to For from the people that have something interesting to convey.

Your RSS reader will give you a headline as well as perhaps a line or two from the latest update and you can then decide whether to read on or not in similarly as you scan the headlines in a very newspaper unless you see a story of great interest.

There are Nourishes available on just about every topic you can imagine. Whether you want to keep up on world news or the latest trivia you will find many feeds appealing. If your tastes change or quality of the content drops off then you can certainly just delete the Feed from your reader. You can forget opting out of email lists, setting up with ‘follow up’ auto respondermessages, just instant on/off access to information that deserves your attention.

It’s to be great news as with the rise in popularity of Bottles the publishers of feeds have to stay on surface of their game. They know that it is very simple to wander off elsewhere. Would you continue to purchase a newspaper or possibly a magazine that bores you’d you? This means that the quality of a feed is generally vey high that is certainly a positive step in the introduction of the Internet.

Finding feeds is incredibly easy – once you find a site or blog that you want just look for an XML or RSS button, usually orange or blue. Should you click the button though the page you are taken to is just a bunch of HTML so that you need a RSS reader to create sense of it. Take a note of the url inside the browser window near the top of your screen.

If you’re a Yahoo subscriber you can just add the url of the feed into your My Yahoo page. Google also offers this service through Google Reader. Some browsers, for example Firefox also have RSS readers built in (just select the add live feed option inside the bookmark manager). Other services for example Quikonnex also offer a messaging service too which means you can completely bypass the full spam ridden, over filtered ISP email system.

With Nourishes available from broad subjects to narrow niche topics the web now provides what it was originally designed to do – share the best quality, most relevant information immediately.

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