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Oct 5, 2012

How To Delete a virus without any antivirus

The computer virus remove or delete without using antivirus Software program is possible in a command prompt.

Follow the steps to  remove your computer virus

Step1: 0pen your run command prompt after type cmd then press ok
Step2. select the virus affected drive
Example:- type D: then press enter key to see the content on the drive D you can type dir command
Step3. Type attrib -s -h *.* /s /d the press enter key after type dir to check whether it contain unusual .exe file
Step4. You are find any unwanted .exc file
Step5. Now you can delete find the virus file or rename these things in this case i will rename autorun .inf file into you enter any name (virus)
Step6. Now you can access the drive D: without affecting the virus

Hope this helps you to delete virus from your PC

Oct 4, 2012

Remove Computer Virus - Using Task Manager and Command Prompt

You can remove your computer virus by using Task Manager and Command Prompt

Remove Computer Virus

Follow the steps:

Step1: open you task manager or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete in your keyword
Step2: If there's a prompt message like this "Task Manager is disabled by your administration"
step3: As you open your task manager, go to the process tab.
Step4: There you will have to kill a process that keeps the virus running.
Step5: You can't ever delete a file if it's use by programs or if it's running
Step6: Now, this is somewhat difficult because you don't know what the process that is running in your computer that is use by the virus
Step7: Sometime, the file that is use by virus was "wscript.exe"
Step8: If you found that on the process tab and you did not running a script in your computer, then you must kill that

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