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Aug 31, 2012

Is It Worth To Deal With Social Media?

Short post, I promise, just the facts and nothing else. A little Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels is required and is normally attended a U.S. site to assess what you have, well, actually it is the home of Facebook + is quite different conversion values ​​out there. (With some money in football, as we know ...) So let's look at how social media works there.

Thus, there is a site where the 95,000 unique visitors in last 30 days occurred inAbout 8% of the conversion rate (I do not believe it, the Hungarian average of 1-2%, but you believe it, and I see 8% points) is exactly Slightly more than 12,000 transactions assumed in the past month. So you can see that there is no statistical error, or at least minimized. More than 8,000 Facebook fans is a day for more than 2-3 post, so we can say that these are active.

Measurement of Google latest (Latest one) tool used by the Multi-Channel Funnels, which has the advantage of not looking at it, the first visit / purchase just before where you met with us, but also looks at the number of visitors to the interaction done through us. Through what channels and how many times a page is visited, the time arrived there to buy us out.

It may turn out that how hard you which devices are included in the purchase.Not the first and not the last, but in the process! Because that may be the first time a user clicks through a banner with us met, but then signed up for the newsletter and then bam ... bought out. In this case, we can not say that it was the purchase of the newsletter, because what if there is no banner ads who sign up for the newsletter, and vice-versa, is not it, if there is no newsletter no purchase, even though the people have seen the face before.

A little crash course:

Transactions of the Facebook terms of revenue 15 location, which means that 14 other visitors sources into higher value purchases on the site. Exactly more than 12,000 units worldwide; 87 such transactions. This means buying a 87 was that the people on Facebook, they first met in the store. Is easy to see that it is almost a statistical margin of error.

So far (in general he used to come at some very smart individuals) who says that OK OK, but that's just looking at what was the first interaction, but Facebook is a good point, then it is consumed massager for as long as you do not buy anything. Finally, this "massage" can now find out how successful.

In this case 124 transaction could help Facebook, That is, 124 cases were from 6500 (lol) where all contacts via Facebook results were found. (The Assisted Conversions, is not included in the last step, only the previous steps, from that was about 6500.)

Of course, once again we can say that this is a long-term strategy ... ie 30 days _NOT_ enough!
Ok, let's say 3.5 months when we look at the results:

OK, I think you can leave it ...

The most important thing, and I think that in any case in this tone say Measured and should be measured in allWhatever they may be. A single consultant or self / others nominated by the genius should not be necessarily believe everything he says. 

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