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Jul 30, 2012

Building Links Along with Google Penguin

It has been a couple of weeks since the {google update|penguin update| We know the importance of link building. Google is now catching people who use link building which has no value or done in a way as it is seen as spamming but now there is a new way to over come it You will need to build links which are of quality to the content you are posting on. Be it your seo links techniques may be what. It is always good to have all submited manually and done by a professional who can do the links building service.

Do not just simply use programs to run in on auto mode, do not use those illegal softwares as this will cause you to be penalty by google and this will flush you away from the search results. There is no value in in spamming links and building links on not relevant websites and this will let google bot thinks that you are a newbie. Being Penguin is not being delisted, its just taking you off the pages for keywords which you are trying to rank it for. you can request an appeal of this from search engine tools if you have remove all those spammy links. then you can appeal and they will remove you from the penguin effect. This will take weeks or months to do even so. links building can be very tedious and will take up alot of your time if you do not know how to do.

Imagine the creation of accounts, getting involve in forums, and even verifying the email process can be a pain. But a good think is SEO Magic Links can help in the search engine optimization process with its {unique links strategy|amazing good links|high quality links|great anchor text| service. Do make sure that your on the webpage seo is done correctly and you have all the tags all in place. do up the best in the meta tags, title tags, description asnd alternate texts. Do noy use any spin method which google might catch. Trust me, they all know it and its really easy if they want you to be gone. The sacrifice you need to pay? a new domain name and a whole lot of publicity and traffic all over again.

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