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Jun 28, 2012

Blogging Competition to Increase your Brand Reputation

One of my co worker shared this idea with me. Which i applied for Online Reputation Management.

Being a top brand, we always found few unsatisfied customers or many bad competitors who always tries to jerk our brand name. Most of the competitor companies recruits peoples and start blaming our brand with wide variety of ideas of unsatisfactory comments on our products. They will guide first time customers with their false statements on our brands to make their sales up.

How to Get Rid?
No you don’t have to do the same to hit the competitors but you have to dominate their bad reviews. Most of the website review site owners and forum admins are not always positive about removal of the particular topic. it is so hard, even to contact them on this kind of situation. Its a longer process which takes long time.

Dominate in Short Time
Like Your competitor, You also has to spare some budget, in positive manner. Run a Blogging contest of $1000 or $500. Invite all the industry best bloggers to the contest and ask them to publish a blog about your services and features which can own the grand prize. Even you can ask for link back from the blog post which helps you grow in search engines.

Announce awards as best blogger, best social blogger, best short blogger, Best Coverage too, Excite in every manner you can, so that the blogger should accept competition and work out to win. As the best blogger produces their best, We will also get the best in terms of reputation management.

All the content produced by Blogger will be unique which is crucial, Spread the Bloggers post in various social media sites and forums sites and ask users to vote for the best blogger. Announce the winner, and announce complimentary gifts for more blogger. Once the blogger competes for the contest, definitely it may dominate the bad reviews posted by your competitors.

You can also publish your blogger post as one of the review for your product.

Share your opinion! Do you think will the competition helps!!!

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