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May 16, 2012

Making money with your Facebook Page - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 10

When you create your Facebook Page you should probably have some sort of goal in mind aside from attracting fans. While large brands are not as focused on turning Facebook fans into direct sales, smaller businesses should be focused on generating leads and occasionally selling products or services directly. The most important phase of the Facebook sales funnel is the action phase.

So we need to drive users to take some sort of action, right? Below are four ways of getting your fans to take action:

“Facebook Landing Page” and “The Lead Form”

This is the most important part if you are wailing to make money through your Facebook Page. As you know building your Email list is how must internet marketers make money thought online. So what you need to do is to create a form that lets users put in their name and email address. There are a number of ways to develop a lead form. For example, you can higher a web designer or you can also use email marketing services such as icontact, GetResponse or AWeber and then use their pre-made forms. After that, what you need to do is to put that form inside the Landing Page so anyone who lands on your page will optin to get your gift. The applications I mentioned before will help you building your Landing page.

Here is an example for landing page opt-in form

Publish One Time Offer

promotions are always a great way to get your fans to take action. Offering something such as “buy one, get one free” should effectively entice fans to make a purchase. However you need to be careful with using to much direct sales as it will most definitely make your fans to end up unsubscribing. There are marketers that have actually developed separate Facebook Pages specifically to promotional updates. All users that become fans of those pages are expecting to receive promotions and in turn are less likely to unsubscribe as a result of promotional stories that show up in their news feed.
Send Them To Your Website

The call to actions don’t need to be always one step conversions although those are always the best. Another great way to convert fans into sales is to drive them to your website where you have engaging copy that will be more likely to convert them.

Engage Your Fan

As I mentioned already, Facebook is a relationships builder. That means you can’t always just drive fans to make purchases. Instead you should be engaging them. Through that engagement you will ultimately build a stronger relationship and brand affiliation with your fans. The more a fan engages with your Facebook Page, the more likely they are to purchase something from you eventually. Somehow thinking about how fans purchase as much as thinking in how to build your relationship with them is a mistake.

Stay tune for Facebook Advertising System in tomorrow's post.

Santosh Mishra said...

Facebook is a good place for making money. One can turn out the fan base into a money making machine, I'm sure.

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