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May 11, 2012

Interact With Your Fans - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 7

Interact With Your Fans

Want to have highly active fans in your Facebook page? You need to know how to make your Fans Active for any Update you do. You will need to make your fans so hot for your news or update. latterly you really should invest your time on this, because the number of followers isn’t as important as how your fans interact with you. Whether it’s posting followup comments or reaching out to fans that have asked valuable questions or have even posted criticism, it’s important that you build the best relationship with your fans.

Ask Questions
Facebook Pages present an amazing opportunity to learn about your existing Fans or customers. People love to talk about themselves so ask them questions that are also related to your company. For example, Baskin-Ronnins happened to ask about the favorite flavor in one of their updates and they got hundreds of comments answering the question. Additionally you can simply ask general questions such as “what are going in next weekend?”

Respond To Questions And Comments
As you build your fan base, fans will begin to regularly post comments as well as questions. Take the time to engage with them. Any time you take to interact with the fans is always time well spent. Many of the questions and comments will be extremely easy to respond to, only requiring a little time from you. Make sure you take the time to reply to your customers and you can just about guaranteed your continue to growth.

Be Supportive
Do you have fans that always write comments and interact with you? Take the time to recognize them and continue to build a relationship with them. Your biggest fans is extremely valuable. These fans will take the time to promote your business for you. They’ll reply to other fan comments and do a lot of your work for you. Building relationships with these individuals is extremely important. Give a quick shout out to the person as a comment and they’ll typically be happy and grateful. Support your biggest fans and they’ll help support you, helping you taking your business to the next level.

Post Videos, Photos and Notes
One of the great opportunities Facebook provide that you can post different types of updates. If you want to connect with your fans you need to use as many forms of updates as possible. While written status and photos are extremely effective tools for connecting with your fans , video happens to be one of the most popular forms of communication on the internet. So here you come to decide the best type for your communication but don’t stick with one form because that will make your fans bored. In addition, you can also write notes.

Use Your Discussions Application
Forums are one of the best places on the internet to generate knowledge about something and to drive traffic. In addition, you also have forums on your Facebook Page which are installed by default. Fortunately, Facebook has given us the ability to remove it, if we do like to have it, so If you think that you don’t really need it simply remove it, because sometimes users will go to your forums if you’ve left it. If there is a content or not, many users will go ahead and post their own threads and then check back later for replies. So you need to check back regularly to see if any content has been posted and be sure to reply to any new posts.

Post Thread Topics To Your Page
If you are looking to create a new dialogue and drive more users to the forums, post links to the new or the best discussion threads to your Facebook Page wall. Also, If you think that your fans should know about that thread. Furthermore, what you need to do is to copy the link of the thread and post it to your Page wall so that all the fans can be engaging with that topic.

Be connected with your discussions forum
You can also take the advantage of your forum to using it as support. You can write in your website to your visitors of customers that they can use the forum for faster respond or better help. sometimes you’ll find that other fans will answer a fan’s question without needing to answer it yourself. Other times you can engage users directly and answer whatever questions they may have.

Play Games
If you seriously want your fans to interact with you, you should play games with them. You don’t need to develop or install an application for this, Games here isn't a contest. In addition, you only should be able to come up with plenty of games and determine the best incentives.

Here is two Games I’ve noticed some pages playing it with their fans.

1. Facebook Scavenger Hunt
This is probably one of the easiest competitions to set up. come up with 10 or 20 clues about random items hidden around Facebook or your website. Get people to go and search for this items and then post a link for them. The quickest to complete the scavenger hunt wins. Keep in mind that this can get extremely challenging to handle once you have a large number of fans.

2. Top Score In Facebook Games
As you know people are always looking for good ways to waste there time which presents a great opportunity. Browse through some of the most addictive games on Facebook and once you’ve found one, challenge your fans to beat your high score and post them. Easy game to play with your fans but can generate a large response. 

Stay tune for Page settings in tomorrow's post.

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