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May 8, 2012

How To Add And Edit Your Landing Page / Custom Tab - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 4

Adding a landing page is so simple. I’ll provide a quick walk through of how to get the landing page configured and how to create your reveal tab. I have chosen the best application for this. and I’ll give you an article that will help in coding your page as I’ll only share how to create your Landing page and the reveal tab.

The first step to configuring a landing page is to install the the application to your public profile. The Static FBML application has removed by Facebook from March 18 2011 as they wanted to encourage users to use the Iframe. So I’ve searched for the best free applications and found “RevealTab” & “HostediFrame”. And I’ll be showing how to use HostediFrame application as I see it is easier to understand. but that doesn't mean that it is better than RevealTab. In fact, you should give them both a try.

Go to for “RevealTab” Application.
Go to for “Hostediframe” Application.

Adding Your Landing Page

Editing Your Landing Page

Go back to your page then click on edit page:

The first thing you should do now is to make this page as your landing page. 
go to “Manage Permissions” > “Default Landing Tab” then choose the Tab you want. 
after that you will need to go to “Apps” to continue editing your landing page.

Here you should do 2 things.
First, change the name of the page. Later I’ll share you how to choose the right title.
Then, go to app to edit your page.

Now let’s get a break and talk about the Reveal Tab. Do you want to increase the number of fans you get each day? One way to improve your conversion of new visitors into fans is by adding a Reveal Tab. A feature that I perviously covered. However, I didn’t show you how to actually create the reveal tab. Next I will walk you through the process of creating a reveal tab in order to increase the conversion of new visitors into fans. What is more, the application I have produced to you going to help us with the Reveal Tab. So make sure that you installed one of them. specially “HostediFrame”.

Now I’m inside the “Hostediframe” application. what you need to do is to paste the code of the content inside the right box described above. Next I’ll show an example of the Reveal Tab.

Picture #1 is what visitors see when they land on my page. and after they click on the “Like” button. 
Picture #2 will be shown for my fans.

One of the important thing in Facebook Page is the applications, you can use Facebook’s API to develop contests as well as run basic statistics about your user base. In the next Section you will know why running a contest and basic statistics is important. There are numerous ways to take advantage of applications to get users to invite their friends or even making stuff easier. Such as, getting your twitter or RSS feed updates to your page wall.

Go here to check the applications

Tasks you should be finished with them before continuing to the next section:
1. Create your Profile picture.
2. Create your Images Tab and Featured Likes.
3. Add and Create your landing page/ Reveal Tab.( you should spend most of your time here ).
4. install the necessary application to your page.

Stay tune for Generating Free Fans in tomorrow's post.

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