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May 4, 2012

Featured likes Area and Images Tab - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 3

Featured likes area and images Tab

1. Images Tab

2. Featured Likes Area

Many page owners never give any interest to these sections. In fact, this is a big mistake if you have products or websites. Due to these sections can let people know about your other products or websites and get a testimonials about them. Also you can use the Images Tab to upload you employees pictures.

Landing page / custom Tab

When a new fan visits your public profile, it’s extremely useful to explain to them what the public profile is about and why they should become a fan. The goal of the landing page is to immediately convert the visitor into a new fan and then engage the fan after they’ve joined. I’ve seen companies use contests for engaging the user but the vast majority of Facebook Pages have no separate landing page. The result is that the public profiles have a lower conversion of new visitors into fans. There is one exception for public profiles that have no landing page but high conversion: companies with a high brand affinity. Such as Adidas or Coca-Cola can convert visitors without having a landing page because they have such a strong brand.

Landing page: Is where people land when they go to your page.
Reveal tab: Is when you hide something from your visitors asking them to click the like button to get it. and when they become a fan they get whatever you provide.

How To Improve Your Landing Page / custom Tab

While you can create a fairly effective landing tab by answering the questions I posted above, here are a few other tips that you should keep in mind:

1- Have a call to action
While you are educating your visitors about why they should join your Facebook Page, you also need to encourage them to actually join your page. That’s what the call to action is for. If you view the my page, you’ll notice that I’ve designed an image which says “Click on the ‘Like’ button above” with an arrow pointing up toward the “Like” button.

2- Write in the second person
instead than writing about yourself and your company, talk about the person who you want to become a fan. Explain to them why they should join and the benefit. Use the words “you” and “your” when writing your copy.

3. Place important parts at beginning and end
People tend to read the beginning and end of landing pages before reading the middle so you probably want to put your call to action early on and toward the end. Put the most important copy at the beginning or at the end.

4. Don’t link to other pages
If you want to get visitors to take an action (join your page), You don;t really want to link to other landing page. Because once they’ve navigated away from your page, there’s a greater chance that you’ve lost them.

5. Use the RevealTab
If you want to get the best conversation rate. You should use the RevealTab because the visitors will do anything to get your Free stuff. Later I’ll be explaining about the landing page more. and I have chosen for you the best applications for the RevealTab.

6- Tracking
While Facebook doesn’t currently provide metrics for where new fans came from, but it’s a good idea to know from where your page visitors come from, Right! So make sure that you have put your Google analysis code or whatever service you use for tracking your visitor.

Stay tune for How To Add And Edit Your Landing Page / Custom Tab in tomorrow's post

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