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May 13, 2012

Facebook Page settings - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 8

Facebook provide your public profile with a great settings, in this section I’ll cover those settings, but one thing I want you to know that I won’t include the Facebook Advertising system in this section as I believe that it should be in a separated one because Facebook Advertising is a big topic to talk about.

Facebook provides a tool for tracking the growth of the page as well as the number of interactions on your
page. There are a few numbers which you can look at to determine how to improve you page most effectively. This insights is extremely helpful to know how your page is going.

Understanding Post Quality
Facebook provides A metric to determine the quality of their posts called “Post Quality”. to improve the quality of the posts as measured by the number of comments and likes on each post. it’s possible to increase the number of comments and likes by asking questions as well as posting more relevant posts. If 50% of your fan base is interacting regularly, you’ll end up with a high post quality score. The best model to improving your post quality is to test out deferent types of posts and see which attract the most responses. Whenever you find a post which attracts a large response, you may want to stick somehow with posting a similar updates.

Total Fans And Unsubscribed Fans
The number of fans you have and the number of unsubscribed fans is one of the most useful charts. One of the most important levels to monitor is the percentage of fans who’ve unsubscribed. If this percentage is increasing over time, you may want to check out the type of content you’re posting as well as the volume of posts. While posting often is important, you may make fans run away by posting too often.

When the number of your fans increase the number of the fans interaction should increase too. Whether it’s comments, wall posts, or likes, you can view the number of interactions on your Facebook Page by viewing the “interactions” graph. This graph tends to be pretty useful for seeing how you are doing with engaging your fans.

Interactions Per Post

If your fans are growing you should ofcourse improve the quality of your posts as you see how fans respond. It can be a misleading chart though as interactions per post should increase proportionally to the number of fans you have. If your interactions per post aren’t increasing over time then you aren’t doing a good job with posting valuable content.

Page Views
If you want to success in the internet you may want to spend more time in the page view, and if you are a WebMaster I guess you know what I mean, because the page view here isn’t far from Google Analytics. The page view has become one of the standard measures of success on the internet. This chart is pretty straight forward as it shows the total number of pageviews to your Page. Whether it’s new fans or existing fans, all page views are grouped into this metric. As you grow your page, the total number of daily page views should be increasing as well.

Here is my best Graph :) Facebook page insights give you the ability to track the demographics of your fans. While Facebook has the breakdown of your fans demographics as percentages you can also view the exact number of fans by their gender and age. By viewing the demographics chart you will be able to see which demographic groups are growing quickest as well as which demographic groups are the largest.

Stay tune for Page settings - Using Facebook as your Page in tomorrow's post.

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