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May 2, 2012

Facebook Marketing Secrets - Guide For Your Business Promotion - Chapter 1

Hi guys, before you go through this guide I want to thank you for investing your time reading it. Moreover, This is a free guide I have worked so hard to complete it, I did my best to make it so clear to understand and as simple as I could. But you know nothing is perfect as throughout this guide you may face some mistakes.


This guide walks you through 7 Important sections that will talk about:

1. How to create and set your Facebook Page correctly?
2. How to get free fans?
3. How to encourage your Fans?
4. How to use your page Settings?
5. How to make money with your page?
6. How to use the Facebook advertsing system?
7. What you should do next?

So let’s get started!


Firstly why you should stop marketing with you personal account and start your (Facebook public profile/ Fan page) immediately .?!

1- As you know Facebook is in millions of homes around the world. In fact, it has more than 550 million active users. with your personal account it will be impossible to target more than 5000 users. so are you going for settle for 5000 business contacts and that’s it? why you want to limit your self with 5000 friend profiles?

2- Facebook personal profile is personal. I use my personal profile to contact with my friends and family. I upload my pictures while I’m in everywhere, write status about everything. using your personal profile for your business is a big mistake.

3- Facebook Fan Pages give you so many more marketing abilities (Custom tabs, Info Tabs, more Wall features, Applications) to really reach out to your fans and get the most of them.

4- Building 2 lists, this is one of the great thing about Facebook fan pages that you can get 2 leads at once and we call this as the double lead strategy. what is more, that what makes Facebook public profile so profitable because with the landing pages you can make people to like your page + opt-in to get a free stuff you provide which you can build your Email list at the same time. we going to cover all this in the up coming chapters.

So are you still going to use your personal pro?le for your business? You have the answer!

Note: Throughout this guide I will use the words “fan pages”, “pages”, and “public profiles” interchangeably.

As you can see in the image below, I have selected the most important parts in the public profile and I’ll share with you next, how to use them all correctly.

Stay tune for Creating your public profile in tomorrow's post

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