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May 9, 2012

Facebook Generating Free Fans - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 5

So far we’ve discussed how to build your Facebook page. Now we are going to go over a few tips that are going to help you to increase your fans for free. You need to effectively follow what you going to read throughout this guide. Please before you start reading this section go ahead and invite your Facebook friends.

Target Gurus And Influences

The point is that the most connected individuals that are also connected to other highly connected Influencers end up having a ton of influencers. We all know super connecters and if you are looking to build your public profile’s fan base, you should be targeting them. Randomly follow these individuals is not the best way to go about it though. A well planned and well executed targeting process will yield the maximum results.

Steps To start targeting influencers
There are a number of reasons you shouldn’t just start randomly messaging influencers. So now that you know why I don’t like randomly reaching out to influencers. Here are the steps that I suggest going through:

1. Find Them - you should figure out who the most influential people are in your network. There are a number of ways to go about doing this but the easiest is just to find individuals with the most friends in a network. The easiest Influencers to find are among your friends since you’ll probably know which friends are Influencers.

2- Connect With Them
- Reach out to network Influencers and introduce yourself. start up a conversation and explain to them what you are working on. As facebook will mark you as a spam if you send the same message to tens of people. 

3. Invite Them - After you have built up your list of network Influencers set a date for getting those Influencers to Like your page. Depending on how many Influencers you have, you may want to consider to not to invite them all at once. This is not traditional marketing strategies. Would Facebook encourage you to take each of the steps listed above? Probably not but the bottom line is that it works. If you abuse the system, Facebook will surely ban you. Theoretically collecting data about network Influencers could be a violation of Facebook’s terms of service but it’s readily available information. Any research you do
on Facebook is at your own discretion so make sure not to abuse their system!

Making Fans to invite their friends

While you will receive an initial surge in fans from inviting your friends and targeting network influencers, the
growth will eventually started. You’ll need a way to drive more fans. One of the best ways to attract new fans is by creating more engaging experiences on your Facebook Page. As of the time this guide was written, Facebook has no limitations on the number of friends you can invite to a public profile. That bring about the first tip related to a contest.

1. Running a contest
There is no limitation on the number of fans users can invite to a public profile, which makes the inviting process as one of the best ways to increase the number of your page fans. But how to make your fans to invite their friends ?? Running a contests is the answer :) Contests are somehow the single best tool for driving more users to your public profile if you encourage fans to invite their friends. So how do you encourage individuals to invite their friends? Right now there isn’t actually a way of tracking how many friends a user has invited but there most be an application the show the mutual friends between
your fans.

2. Give Cash Prizes or some thing worth
Want to get somebody’s attention? Offer them cash prizes or something worth some. this doesn’t always work but it most definitely will take a lot of people attention. Will it serve as a valuable incentive to your target market? Can’t answer but that’s up for you to determine when creating the contest.

Stay tune for Optimizing your page SEO “Search Engine Optimization” in tomorrow's post.

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