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May 20, 2012

Design Your Advertisement - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 12

There are essentially four components to every Facebook Advertisement. They include:

URL – Your website address or where you want to drive traffic to. If you’re sending traffic to a promotion or sales page, then that page will be your URL. If you’re boosting traffic or awareness for your Facebook Fan Page then you’ll use that URL. You can also generate awareness for a Facebook Group, Game, Application or Event.

Ad Title/Headline – The purpose of your Facebook headline is to grab the attention of your target audience. In step two we mentioned that you can and should create a specific ad for each targeted audience. We used the example of single women, married women and divorced women. Each headline will be written to that specific audience, so your headline for single women will appeal to them specifically. Your headline for married
women will be different as will your headline for divorced women.

Like Google Advertisements, on Facebook your headline is limited to a number of characters. You have 25 characters, including spaces, to capture your audience’s attention.

Ad Body Copy – Your body copy is where you make your promise and/or highlight the benefits of your product or service and include a call to action. You have 135 characters to accomplish this goal. Advertisements that use simple and active language generally receive the best results.

 An Image/Graphic – Facebook requires you to use an image or graphic for your advertisement. You’ll notice, if you’re an active Facebook user, that some people use strange or shocking images that grab attention but are unrelated to their advertisements. Facebook recommends using an image that relates to your business and/or advertisement. The maximum image size is 110 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall.

Stay tune for Step #4 - Budget and Pricing in tomorrow's post.

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