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May 3, 2012

Creating Your Public Profile - Facebook Marketing Secrets - Chapter 2

Creating your Public profile isn’t a hard thing to do, but I’m going to share in this guide how to create the right profile that going to convert your visitor to fans and your fans to leads and customers. choosing the right title, profile picture, landing page etc... is really important.

To create your Fan page simply follow the steps below

Then choose the best category and page title that describe your Fan page

Now that you created you Facebook fan page, it’s the time to continue your profile.

Basic Information
When you first arrive to your newly created public profile, there will be a link down to your page name which says “Edit Info”. Entering your information is important for search engine optimization purposes as well as informing new visitors about your product, service, or yourself. Currently Facebook does not enable page administrators to remove this section so I highly recommend that you take the time to fill it out with all the relevant information.

Profile picture
Most people just quickly upload their photo to their Facebook page and never think about it again. This is probably one of the worst mistakes you can make. Facebook doesn’t provide many customization options for the main public profile page meaning that your photo is what sets your public profile apart from others. Below I’ve included a my profile photo and outline the important things necessary when you come to customize your public profile in creative ways.

1- Facebook by default resizes all photos down to a maximum width of 180 pixels and a maximum height of 540 pixels. There are plenty of creative uses of this space.

2- Try to send a message to your page visitors. As you can see in my fan page profile picture I’m welcoming people to my page and asking them to become a fan by clicking the like button.

3- Call to action. you need to ask people to do an action weather clicking the Like button as I have done, or telling them to visit your I’m following a lot of singers, I have noticed that some of them promoting their latest concerts by having a new profile picture that
asking the fans to buy their tickets.

4- Link to your website and other social profiles. having a look to my profile picture you can directly know that I’ve a blog and a twitter account. Firstly, this will help your fans to know where they can find you. Secondly, by this way you can promote your other social profile and your website.

Stay tune for Featured likes area and images Tab in tomorrow's post 

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