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Apr 2, 2012

Bing Changing Video Section With Filmstrips - Trending Video Searches

Microsoft is now changing its Video service by presenting a array of new functions. Published on the Bing blog on 27 march 2012, the web page is currently not live, so these functions are yet to be decided.

Now looking video clips on Bing will be easier, with bigger and more useful previews on the result page, an unlimited scrolling bar to involve all appropriate video clips, relevant content, a bigger video watching screen, filmstrips and more. This upgrade will be provided worldwide.

Bing will be adding improvements to the regular search page as well, where keywords containing the search term "video" will generate results with bigger video previews, an included time-length press and also, bigger symbols.

Searching of movie clips will also contain a "Trending Video Searches" section, located at the end, which allows users to see what the most talked about movie clips of the day.

As users can analyze by themselves, some of the above upgrades are already be knowledgeable, like the unlimited scroll bar and movie previews that appear while putting the cursor on a result, while others are still in an execution level.

The source of this information could have been found here, but only a couple of hours after posting, the page was deleted. Furthermore, Bing erased even the cached copy of the post alongside RSS data, indicating a leak or possibly, a premature announcement.

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