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Mar 13, 2012

SSL to Global Search Sites Added By Google

Google has improved protection on its searches globally by increasing standard SSL encrypted sheild to search made from any of its local websites, such as

Formerly SSL was only used to looks created from the US website.

Meanwhile, a survey by Pew Internet reveals a dislike among the majority of American adults for personalised search.

Applying SSL encryption will "increase the security and comfort of your web searches," said Google software professional Michael Safyan,

This SSL will applied to the searches only if you login in to Google accounts.

However, 73 percent of respondents to Pew Internet's survey of more than 2,200 US adults felt it was an invasion of their privacy for a search engine keeping track of their searches and use that information to personalise future search results.

A similar proportion (68 per cent) disliked targeted advertising because they don't like having their online behaviour tracked and analysed.

Only 38 per cent said they knew how to prevent tracking when searching and browsing.

Google's privacy stance recently attracted a battering from EU data protection chiefs and non-governmental privacy groups.

Last month the search giant agreed to add a ‘do not track' (DNT) feature to its browser Chrome after the White House backed DNT in a proposed Privacy Bill of Rights.

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