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Feb 16, 2012

SEO Link Building Ethics

Relevant search result is what Google is aiming for and it has been very adamant about providing a superior user experience and is rejecting websites with low quality link building. Importance of content has increased and it need to be well written by keeping reader in mind and providing real information that could fetch a lot of quality backlinks.

Building backlinks is still important, only do it right? Don't just build backlinks but build quality backlinks that count for your website search engine rankings. This can be done through content driven backlinks via Guest blogging, forum participation, social media participation, quality blog commenting, link baiting, internal linking press release, blog creation and lot more.

In a nutshell, the best link building approach is to use diverse backlink sources that make your link profile look natural and helps in improving the search engine rankings of the website.

Search engines analyze how many links you have coming into your site while ranking your website and also see the quality and relevancy of the page that is giving a backlink in context to your website. So to rank high on search engines, follow link building ethics that work and fetch natural backlinks from range of quality sources.

Important Link Building Ethics:

Don't try to grow your link count by double or triple each month and stick to like 5% or 10% increase in backlinks per month.

Don't aim to build a ton of links, but instead build theme based relevant links, as they will move your rankings a lot faster.

Stay away from all page links (site-wide links). Although they can easily be bought, it's unnatural that someone would link to your website from every page.

By working with these ethics and following the latest trends in Link Building like Squidoo, Hubpages, Guest blogging etc., you would definitely develop a link profile that would surely improve your website rankings in search engines.

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