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Feb 15, 2012

SEO and Mobile Website SEO

Many people often confuse the term Mobile Website and subsequently between SEO and Mobile SEO. The mobile version of a website is primarily made to be displayed on WAP and mobile web browsers of old feature phones. For e.g., is what you get when you try to access from WAP browser an onld  mobile phone. Latest smartphones such as iPhone 3G and many Android based phones are capable of displaying almost all website on the web except for some with heavy multimedia content which are subject to bandwidth capability of mobile devices. However, choice of serving a version on a particular device rests with the webmaster or owner of the website based upon the usability. Some website serve mobile version of their content to smartphone users since it is more user-friendly on the smaller screen. Hence, there isn’t much difference in SEO and Mobile SEO. The latt! er involves creating and optimizing the mobile version of the website for best user experience as the usability is integral part of SEO.

Negative Embedded Match type is a sophisticated form of keyword matching in AdWords which allows an advertiser to show ads for all the variations of a keyword (with suffix or prefix) but not the exact keyword itself. The syntax for using an negative embedded match term is -[keyword]. For e.g., if an advertiser sells GI Joe toys and comic books but does not want to appear for generic terms such as “GI Joe” as users could mean movie or animation, then he can use embedded match type i.e. –[gi joe]. His ads will appear for queries such as “gi joe toys”, “gi joe action figures”, “gi joe comics” etc.

Note: To more effectively use the Negative Embedded Match in your PPC campaign management, you can include the exact keyword in phrase match “keyword” and then in negative embedded match –[keyword] in same adgroup .

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