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Feb 15, 2012

Search Engine Visibility Link Building

Link Building counts for the credibility of your website and more credible it is higher search engine rankings you get which makes it visible to potential customers and hence increases sales. Here are some tips and trends that are likely to impact your Link Building efforts:

Start using mix-match technique for link popularity building and that makes your site reliable.

Focus more on how to secure the links that help you in long run.

Leverage the benefit of social media networks for link building.

Make sure to use keyword in tweets including a link back to your website and this when indexed in Google helps in your link building efforts.

Participate in forums and leave your link in signature.

Emphasize more on quality rather than quantity when it comes to Link Building.

Breadcrumbs are navigation tools implemented while designing the website that helps user easily navigate through your website. They help create easy links within your site that boosts your website search engine rankings. Breadcrumbs help in making your site more functional for both search engines and your potential users which means better conversion rates and more sales for your website. They help a lot with your internal linking and therefore your search engine visibility.

Social Bookmarking websites attract a considerable amount of user attention and are still a significant part of any organic SEO campaign. Most of these websites use No Follow attribute so as not to pass link juice to websites that they don't trust. But here search engines are not the entire limit of the world, there are users also who are looking for information on the web and you can fetch direct traffic to your website through these no follow links even if you don't get Google traffic.

To exclude content on the website, many webmasters either use robots.txt file or Robots Meta tag. But there is some difference in way both of this work.

* Block with Robots.txt – This means that you are telling search engines not to attempt to visit the URL, but feel free to keep it in the index & display in the SERPs. Such URL will often show up in search results without page title and snippet

* Block with Meta No Index – It's like telling search engines to feel free to visit, but don’t put the URL in the index or display in the results.

* Block by No following Links – not a smart move, as other followed links can still put them in the index.

shisha said...

there are the standard rules to be followed by any one to achieve good results , especially the last 3 points about robots.txt, meta no index, no following links are very good .

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