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Feb 15, 2012

Google Analytics supports Regular Expressions

It is not a good idea to have a very large number of links in the website footer. Some websites simply put their entire HTML sitemap in their footer menu having hundreds of links in it. This could be seen as keyword stuffing or spamming by search engines and can lead to some form of penalty. Link to only the most important internal pages from footer, top or side menu.

It is good idea to evenly distribute your links between these navigation menus. This was recently discussed by a Google representative in Webmasters Help Forum thread. It is always a good idea to provide a search functionality to users or a link to detaile! d HTML sitemap. 

Google Analytics supports Regular Expressions for performing complex filters, Goals, Segments or implementations. Regular expressions are special characters that match or capture portions of a field, as well as the rules that govern all characters in Analytics. The Regular expressions can be divided in four parts: Wildcards, Anchors, Grouping and Others. Discussed below is first section out of these. Rest of these will be covered in future posts.


. Matches any single character, letter, number or symbol ( matches gooogle, goodgle, goo8gle)

* Matches zero or more of the previous item. The default previous item is the previous character. (goo*gle matches gooogle, goooogle)

+ Just like a star, except that a plus sign must match at least one previous item (gooo+gle matches goooogle, but never google.)

? Matches zero or one of the previous item (labou?r matches both labor and labour)

| Lets you do an “or” match (a|b matches a or b)

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