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Feb 16, 2012

Contextual Links are Awesome Source for Rankings

Get your website a better online exposure with contextual linking. It is an efficient technique and research that people desire clicking hyperlinks in the articles rather than clicking them in the navigation bar.

Contextual hyperlinks are great resource to ascend the serps within no time ---

1} You get quality links anchored in the text.
2} You get links from quality, unique content.
3} You get links through ethical approach that doesn't exploit Google TOS.
4} You get pertinent traffic to your website.
5} You get link popularity for search engine rankings.

Contextual link building is a powerful alternative to traditional link building — writing keyword rich articles that include an embedded link or links to your website. The reason contextual links are so powerful is because they are placed inside relevant content area of the website. Contextual links are more powerful as compared to standalone links as these links are:

1} Keyword targeted links.
2} Surrounded by relevant content.
3} 100% legitimate & non-spammy.
4} Permanent and one-way backlinks.
5} SEO friendly links.
6} Comes from diverse content sources.
7} Comes through natural link building.
8} The more contextual links you get, the faster you’ll climb in the search engine results pages, or SERP's.

Contextual links are most powerful when it comes to increasing the ranking of the website and enhance traffic flow. Contextual link building is based on two important SEO facets:

1) Appropriate anchor text
2) Content quality & relevancy

Contextual links boost website rankings on Google 10 times more effectively as compared to usual links in the following way:

1} Contextual links are placed within the content and are surrounded by the content.
2} Contextual links look natural to Google and hence search engine love such links.
3} Contextual links bring more direct visitors to website.
4} Contextual links pass more weight than usual links.
5} Contextual links don't get removed with time and are permanent one-way backlinks.
6} Focus on contextual link building instead of the conventional norms and see the difference in the rankings and traffic.

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