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Feb 21, 2012

Googlemail and YouTube Blocked in Iran

Google has confirmed that the users in Iran have been bloced from accessing its HTTPS sites such as Gmail and YouTube.

According to an e-mail by the Google, the prevent has been in impact right since Feb 10 by Bloomberg. Unconfirmed reviews recommend that the Iranian govt made the decision to use such a ban after arriving across speculation that an anti-government demonstrate was being thought out for the thirty-third anniversary of the Iranian

Due to this prevent, all secured sites based on the HTTPS method will now be unavailable to the nation's public. This means that no Myspace, no Google, no financial sites for the Iranian Online customers until and unless the Govt believes it is secure to give up the ban.

How to Obtain the Top Position in Google for Your Site

One of the greatest problems with seo (SEO) is the fact that the the search engines (particularly Google, with by far the most traffic), change their algorithm consistently. These changes impact the results of sites, and can often lead to a website dropping position in the natural (or organic) the search engines results. The definitive objective of SEO is to obtain and sustain the best location possible for your website, while as well preventing charges. Eventually, the one thing that has not modified much is the value of having one-way, top quality hyperlinks coming into your website — the more such hyperlinks, the better for your visitors.

For years, website owners invested hours creating mutual hyperlinks with other Web websites. Unfortunately, these hyperlinks do not really work any more. Another alternative that works right now is the three-way backlinks structure.

Feb 20, 2012

Google Latest Update On Browser Mapping - Google Maps

The Google has decided to release a few up-dates to the browser based version of The Google Maps, where it seems that there are couple of surprises waiting for regular users.

The Mountain View based company, via a post on Google Lat Long Blog, has disclosed this information, along with the details of its operation.

Among various changes is the most essential one of all, which is the need to log on to account - to get better support in maintaining monitor, of the most searched for items on Google Maps.

Feb 16, 2012

Contextual Links are Awesome Source for Rankings

Get your website a better online exposure with contextual linking. It is an efficient technique and research that people desire clicking hyperlinks in the articles rather than clicking them in the navigation bar.

Contextual hyperlinks are great resource to ascend the serps within no time ---

1} You get quality links anchored in the text.
2} You get links from quality, unique content.
3} You get links through ethical approach that doesn't exploit Google TOS.
4} You get pertinent traffic to your website.
5} You get link popularity for search engine rankings.

SEO Link Building Ethics

Relevant search result is what Google is aiming for and it has been very adamant about providing a superior user experience and is rejecting websites with low quality link building. Importance of content has increased and it need to be well written by keeping reader in mind and providing real information that could fetch a lot of quality backlinks.

Building backlinks is still important, only do it right? Don't just build backlinks but build quality backlinks that count for your website search engine rankings. This can be done through content driven backlinks via Guest blogging, forum participation, social media participation, quality blog commenting, link baiting, internal linking press release, blog creation and lot more.

In a nutshell, the best link building approach is to use diverse backlink sources that make your link profile look natural and helps in improving the search engine rankings of the website.

Service Area Listings Google

Service Area Listings With An Address

Listings with a designated service area and a physical address appear the same on Google search results as results without a service area. Once a you click on the listing title, the information window that appears allows you to toggle service areas on and off by clicking ‘Show/hide service area’. By default, service areas are hidden. On the map itself, the listing appears as a red pin. If you’ve chosen ‘Show service area,’ the service area will appear as a see-through red shape.

Service Area Listings Without An Address

Feb 15, 2012

Search Engine Visibility Link Building

Link Building counts for the credibility of your website and more credible it is higher search engine rankings you get which makes it visible to potential customers and hence increases sales. Here are some tips and trends that are likely to impact your Link Building efforts:

Start using mix-match technique for link popularity building and that makes your site reliable.

Focus more on how to secure the links that help you in long run.

Leverage the benefit of social media networks for link building.

Make sure to use keyword in tweets including a link back to your website and this when indexed in Google helps in your link building efforts.

Participate in forums and leave your link in signature.

Emphasize more on quality rather than quantity when it comes to Link Building.

Google making changes in its local search algorithms

With Google making changes in its local search algorithms, checking rankings for local business listings for geo-targeted terms is getting a bit difficult. Google also takes into account the searcher’s location and alter its search results to prefer local listings. So, searching for keyword “chicago pizza”, a person sitting in Chicago may get somewhat different results from a person sitting somewhere else. Sometimes, a person searching from outskirts, or suburbs, of major city do not get same results as a person searching from within city limits or center of city. However, there’s a way to determine local rankings with considerable accuracy. Google provide a Custom Location option in left hand s! ide menu options on search result pages (sometimes hidden under search Tools option). This lets you customize your search location. Make sure you are not logged into your Google account and disable personalization results based upon search activity.

Google Analytics supports Regular Expressions

It is not a good idea to have a very large number of links in the website footer. Some websites simply put their entire HTML sitemap in their footer menu having hundreds of links in it. This could be seen as keyword stuffing or spamming by search engines and can lead to some form of penalty. Link to only the most important internal pages from footer, top or side menu.

It is good idea to evenly distribute your links between these navigation menus. This was recently discussed by a Google representative in Webmasters Help Forum thread. It is always a good idea to provide a search functionality to users or a link to detaile! d HTML sitemap. 

Google Ads Delivery Method

Continuing with our Common but Confusing AdWords Options, given below are solutions for some of the more such options

Ads Delivery Method: Determine how quickly your ads are shown each day.

Standard: Show ads evenly over time
Accelerated: Show ads as quickly as possible

First option is the best choice as it will enable you to show the ads throughout the day rather than in the beginning only. This will enable you to reach a wide range and demographics of audience.

SEO and Mobile Website SEO

Many people often confuse the term Mobile Website and subsequently between SEO and Mobile SEO. The mobile version of a website is primarily made to be displayed on WAP and mobile web browsers of old feature phones. For e.g., is what you get when you try to access from WAP browser an onld  mobile phone. Latest smartphones such as iPhone 3G and many Android based phones are capable of displaying almost all website on the web except for some with heavy multimedia content which are subject to bandwidth capability of mobile devices. However, choice of serving a version on a particular device rests with the webmaster or owner of the website based upon the usability. Some website serve mobile version of their content to smartphone users since it is more user-friendly on the smaller screen. Hence, there isn’t much difference in SEO and Mobile SEO. The latt! er involves creating and optimizing the mobile version of the website for best user experience as the usability is integral part of SEO.

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