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Jan 11, 2012

2011 Latest SEO Techniques

We know that there are a great number of internet sites in all over the world and each individual who have web page want to look at his at the top of the google and want greater list in google so for this objective they all want to understand newest SEO methods 2011. Here I am going to show some seo methods for those people.

Seo Techniques 2011

“Seo (Search Engine Optimization) methods show us that how we can get higher list of our web page in search engines and watch our web page at the top of the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, ask, Bing etc.”

When we discuss seo then we check out two different kinds of SEO one form known as “Onpage SEO” and second “Offpage SEO”. Both kinds are very essential and perform the major throw for higher standing. If we will select one form for operating and depart the second then this is unattainable to get a best position in rankings in major search engines.

Onpage Seo Techniques 2011

The methods of developing the google helpful web page are known as onpage SEO. This is not the indicating of onpage seo that if we will make well developed web page then our onpage SEO will be done. In onpage SEO we have to look at different conditions of it. Then we put into practice methods for these conditions.

1. URL: Url is the address of the websites and it helps to know about website that about which topic this page of website describes. So use the keyword of your webpage in url. Its mean if your webpage tells about seo techniques 2011 then your url must be this.


This url informs to the visitors and google that additionally about this page.

2. TITLE: Use the keyword and related keywords of your page in the title. Because title can get attention of the visitors and search engines. For example if you are writing about SEO techniques 2011 and your title is seo then who will read your article first of all search engine will ignore your page when anybody search about seo techniques because search engine will understand that this is not about the search term.

3. KEYWORDS: You know that when anybody want to search about anything he uses related words to find exact result he does not search by url for example if anybody wants to find out about computer hard disk repairing then he does not go directly to the hard disk repairing dot com first of all he will go to search engine and then he will search about hard drive like “how to repair hard disk” or “repair hard drive” so the words by which we find our actual result called keywords. By which our website can be search I mean keywords, make them different from the content. You can change or you can make the keywords different by bolding, italic , or underline and by changing the back ground color of your keywords means highlighting.

4. KEYWORD DENSITY: Your keyword density must be above 2% and less then 10%. This is also a good seo technique.

Offpage SEO Techniques 2011:

The methods to get higher list in google after achievement the content creating part is known as offpage SEO. By offpage SEO methods we can get natural and lot of traffic from google.

5. BACK LINKS: Back links play best roll for your website its means that how many websites consist with your site link. If your website link exist on 200 website then your website back links is 200. There are two types of links nofollow and dofollow.

The links to whom Google does not give importance called no follow links so this is clear that these links are not profitable.

The links to whom Google gives importance called do follow links so this is clear that these links play best roll to get rank in search engines.

6. DIRECTORY SUBMISSION: I is very important task for seo. Submit your site as many as you can to open directories. By directory submission your site will get higher rank in search engines.

7. ARTICLE SUBMISSION: You know that in the World Wide Web lot off websites give permission to submit articles. These site called article directories. You can submit your articles on that sites with your back link this work will give us 2 benefits. We can get huge traffic from these sites and our back links also increase.

8. SOCIAL BOOKMARKING: This is very easy technique to get traffic to your site. There are many social bookmarking sites and on these sites user can store their favorite pages. Many people can watch these bookmarked websites. They leave comments and news or latest update about these sites when people read the comments they want to visit and want to leave their own comments about the sites.

These all are the best seo methods in 2011 if you will utilize all these seo methods on your website then you will begin viewing outcome only in few several weeks. Google is the main search engine if you will get better rank in the Google’s eye then you will get Numerous readers to your website and if you got tons of visitors then your Alexa rank starts to go down. You can utilize all these SEO methods 2011 for no cost.

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