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Jan 31, 2012

SEO Methods and Internet Marketing Promotion Formula

Online and internet enterprise have become really well-known nowadays with more and more people trying to make their own sites How To Identify An SEO Expert?

Search engine optimization is no wonder, an fundamental element in website promotion through which you can strengthen websites. Although, there are a number of different methods and methods through which you can understand to create your site more revealed on the google yet an SEO professional is someone you simply cannot do away with. 8 Fantastic SEO Guidelines to Make Money Online.

Search engine optimization is no wonder, an fundamental element in website promotion through which you can strengthen websites. Although, there are a number of different methods and methods through which you can understand to create your site more revealed on the google yet an SEO professional is someone you simply cannot do away with. 8 Fantastic SEO Guidelines to Make Money Online

Blogspot URL Changed from Com to IN for Blogger Blogs

In India, Google blogger rolled out URL change this morning. I tried to access blog Website SEO this morning  which showed instead of

Hope it was a universal change, Google may used Geographical location servers to do this. As when i went back and checked in a proxy site, it showed my original URL, though in India it was .in ending blog.

Check your blogger blog URL as well, if you also see the same thing happening, dont worry it was an India wise change.

Jan 30, 2012

Did Google Owns The Domain?

Over the weekend I saw a few tweets referring to, a domain name that I had never really thought about. Clearly it’s quite valuable, since four letter domain names that spell out an actual word are nearly impossible to come by these days unless you want to pay millions for it.

The story behind the domain name is intriguing, as a community of people looking for search engine DuckDuckGo has found another search engine instead. Google. While the search engine giant owns the domain name fair and square, the decision to point the domain at its search engine had nothing to do with people looking for the Aflac mascot and appears that they’d like to grab attention away from upstart DuckDuckGo.

Here’s what founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg had to say about the confusion in response to a post on the DuckDuckGo community site, which sits at

Yes, came as an asset in the unrelated On2 acquisition (On2 used to be known as Duck Corp). But it just sat there (pointing to this Duck Corporation history page) for a long time.

Jan 25, 2012

Why RSS : Why You Want It

There appear to be several theories about what RSS means so I goes with the most popular, Real Simple Syndication.

OK, enough geek speak, you’ve always wondered what it are able to do for you, right?
I imagine your vehicle radio has several stations programmed in. These may be the stations that best match your tastes. There can be a few featuring your favourite music and perhaps a traffic report station. Getting them to programmed in your radio means you can get them with one push from the button instead of searching everytime you would like to tune in.

RSS are able to do the same on your web browsing. Instead of opening endless emails or trawling through websites hoping to find a nugget of useful information you’ll be able to subscribe to For from the people that have something interesting to convey.

Your RSS reader will give you a headline as well as perhaps a line or two from the latest update and you can then decide whether to read on or not in similarly as you scan the headlines in a very newspaper unless you see a story of great interest.

There are Nourishes available on just about every topic you can imagine. Whether you want to keep up on world news or the latest trivia you will find many feeds appealing. If your tastes change or quality of the content drops off then you can certainly just delete the Feed from your reader. You can forget opting out of email lists, setting up with ‘follow up’ auto respondermessages, just instant on/off access to information that deserves your attention.

It’s to be great news as with the rise in popularity of Bottles the publishers of feeds have to stay on surface of their game. They know that it is very simple to wander off elsewhere. Would you continue to purchase a newspaper or possibly a magazine that bores you’d you? This means that the quality of a feed is generally vey high that is certainly a positive step in the introduction of the Internet.

Finding feeds is incredibly easy – once you find a site or blog that you want just look for an XML or RSS button, usually orange or blue. Should you click the button though the page you are taken to is just a bunch of HTML so that you need a RSS reader to create sense of it. Take a note of the url inside the browser window near the top of your screen.

If you’re a Yahoo subscriber you can just add the url of the feed into your My Yahoo page. Google also offers this service through Google Reader. Some browsers, for example Firefox also have RSS readers built in (just select the add live feed option inside the bookmark manager). Other services for example Quikonnex also offer a messaging service too which means you can completely bypass the full spam ridden, over filtered ISP email system.

With Nourishes available from broad subjects to narrow niche topics the web now provides what it was originally designed to do – share the best quality, most relevant information immediately.

Jan 24, 2012

Amazing Tips coming from SEO

Somewhat, SEO can be viewed somewhat complicated nevertheless there is a great deal of information to understand and make use of if you need to operate an SEO campaign. Exactly what furthermore makes Search engine marketing actually tougher, is the fact look at needs someone Search engine marketing marketing campaign. Search engine optimization strategies which may work effectively for just one enterprise might not be successful at all in the event that utilized in the particular Search engine marketing strategy of one other.

Website Design is difficult. The best option Search engine marketing options for a company should be identified then utilized and the Search engine optimization atmosphere must be constantly watched. Search engines regularly alter and also produce the particular technologies they use as well as other variables within SEO also affects your marketing campaign. You need to know about this particular and also continuously keep an eye on lookup if your SEO marketing campaign is to stay effective. It’s unquestionable which Search engine marketing will be challenging nevertheless it can still be very useful. If employed correctly, search engine optimisation can be very beneficial regarding website owners which is why SEO is being regarded as and used by numerous companies.

Since every Website Development differs, watch likes various advantages of their SEO strategy. Search engine optimization methods tend to be identified and used based on your individual specifications and then the outcomes achieved depends about these kinds of aims. Search engine optimization will help you with a lot of facets of your online business which means you must very first decide what you need your own Search engine marketing strategy to complete to suit your needs before beginning.

Higher rankings are probably the frequent aims of those operating Web Designer. A top rating in the serp’s associated with Google or another well-liked search results can mean your company will love a great amount of publicity and definately will visit a massive growth in related visitors as well. Search engine optimization can assist you to obtain best jobs within the internet search engine serp’s.

Jan 23, 2012

Facebook declared 60 new applications

Facebook declared 60 new applications and encourages developers to build more on its Open Open Graph platform.

In a Facebook Developer Blog post, Eddie O'Neil announced the launch of more than 60 new apps, writing, "Starting today, developers can build apps that let people add anything they love to their Timelines — whether it is eating, traveling, shopping, running or taking pictures."

Desperately Looked forward to Apps:
The Open graph applications release statement was predicted to happen last night in a press event. First, Facebook started moving out its new Schedule function, another step toward providing users' whole life to Facebook.

Jan 16, 2012

2012 New Google Algorithm Update - Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes 2012

As you may know, The search engine - Google - has been placing out a per month record of criteria changes it has been making, as part of the firm's effort to be “more transparent”. The search engines will never put out the whole key marinade of its criteria (without a order from the trial, at least), so internet marketers can at least be pleased that they are being tossed a few bone by means of a per month record.

Some have seemingly already been sensation the results of Google’s algorithmic beginning this season. Internet marketers were fast to factor the kids finger at the old panda, but The search engines guarantees us that this is not the situation. A representative for the organization informed WebProNews there have been no Panda up-dates in 2012 so far

Jan 13, 2012

Google announced - Search Plus Your World

Google announced 'Search Plus Your World' – a new more socially personalized experience. From what I can tell so far it's more steps towards the socialization of search and deeper personalization. Something SEOs seemed to miss last year and something worth looking at in a more personalized future.

It will apparently be rolling out (for logged in users) over the next few days (on If you see it in the wild, drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

What's new?

As most of us expected, Google is going to be putting a lot more emphasis on social and in particular, Google Plus. Most of the changes are aimed at bringing Plus more prominence and further integrating the social graph into search personalization.

Jan 11, 2012

2011 Latest SEO Techniques

We know that there are a great number of internet sites in all over the world and each individual who have web page want to look at his at the top of the google and want greater list in google so for this objective they all want to understand newest SEO methods 2011. Here I am going to show some seo methods for those people.

Seo Techniques 2011

“Seo (Search Engine Optimization) methods show us that how we can get higher list of our web page in search engines and watch our web page at the top of the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, ask, Bing etc.”

When we discuss seo then we check out two different kinds of SEO one form known as “Onpage SEO” and second “Offpage SEO”. Both kinds are very essential and perform the major throw for higher standing. If we will select one form for operating and depart the second then this is unattainable to get a best position in rankings in major search engines.

Jan 10, 2012

Google search gets more personal, raises hackles

Google is sifting through the photos and commentary on its blossoming social network so its Internet search results can include more personal information.

The additional personal touches that began to roll out Tuesday mark another step toward one of Google's most ambitious goals. The Internet search leader eventually hopes to know enough about each of its users so it can tailor its results to fit the unique interests of each person looking for something.

Different people should start seeing different search results more frequently now that Google Inc. is importing content from its 6-month-old Plus service, a product that the company introduced in an attempt to counter the popularity of Facebook's online hangout and Twitter's short-messaging hub. Google's main search results page also will start highlighting more content from an older online photo service called Picasa.

Jan 5, 2012

5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid in 2012

If there are any marketers out there who don’t have social media marketing on their 2012 marketing plan, they’re a definite minority. Nearly everyone agrees that it’s among the most cost-effective tools available to us.  But there are five common social media mistakes that can be quite costly – so I’ve added them to my list of New Year’s Resolutions.  You might want to do the same!
Five Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in 2012
  1. Posting sporadically or inconsistently. Social media, like blogging, is a marathon – not a sprint.  Even if your very first blog post or tweet gets tons of clicks, there’s no guarantee that the next one will do the same.  Measurable results aren’t instant.  So don’t be a drive-by Tweeter or LinkedIn group poster.  You know the type:  they come in and post five or six comments….and then you don’t see them for weeks or months. Plan your day so that you spend a few minutes every single day posting, responding to tweets, thanking new followers (and please don’t bother thanking me if you’re planning on using an auto responder to do it!), and being part of the social media community. No matter how busy you are, on most days you can find 15 minutes to check in on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  I find that I get an awful lot done while standing in line at the lunch counter, waiting for meetings to start, and while eating lunch at my desk.

Social Media Marketing Challenges For Corporations In 2012

A recent survey by Awareness provides insights into the challenges and opportunities for social media marketing in businesses.

The survey asked CMOs, marketing managers, and social media managers from corporations about their plans for social media marketing in 2012 and social media marketing challenges they face.

Challenge 1 – Not Enough Resources

Money and people reflect major challenges to social media marketing success to the corporations.  Most firms dedicated between 1 and 3 people to their social media marketing efforts.  A bigger problem is a lack of money dedicated to social media marketing.

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