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Sep 19, 2011

SEO Strategies to increase Visitors to Your Site

Below are few SEO steps which need to be done to increase visitors to the site

Write a Page Title
Write a Description and Keyword META Tag.
Include Your Keywords in Header Tags H1, H2, H3.
Make Sure Your Keywords Are in the First Paragraph of Your Body Text
Use Keywords in Hyperlinks.
Develop Several Pages Focused on Particular Keywords
Submit Your Webpage URL to Search Engines.
Fine-tune with Search Engine Optimization.
Promote Your Local Business on the Internet

Google News is now creeping with Googlebot

Google News recently upgraded their infrastructure to crawl with Googlebot which is main user agent. What does this mean? Not for most publishers. Any new organizations that wish to retire from Google News can continue to do so: Google News will always respect the robots.txt entry Googlebot-News, Google old user agent, if it is more restrictive than the robots.txt entry for Googlebot.

Google Help Center provides detailed guidance on using the robots exclusion protocol for Google News, and publishers can contact the Google News Support Team if they have any questions, but we wanted to first clarify the following: 

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