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Sep 6, 2011

Effective Title Tag Optimization To Get Into Rankings

 Title Tag Optimization:
Web page titles are most important part of getting your site or blog in to rankings. When Google launched, Google was entirely dependent on the title and meta tags. Over time, meta tags, has lost its value due to a lot of people who completely inappropriate. However, the titles of the pages still hold a value to it, when it comes to SERP [search engines results page]. Together with your other SEO tactics to optimize the titles of web pages can cause a substantial difference in traffic from Google.

Avoid site’s name in titles:

This could also be read as "avoid duplication of texts." If you want an opinion, most blogs have their own names on the titles included on each page. For example, over-I would be 'About Me |. "In practice, it will include" "on each page of your blog or site Google does not like duplicate titles. Double that have less value than others. The first thing I do is make sure that all titles are unique. Make sure that does not repeat the same text in all the titles on your page. The best fitting title would be "my first post", which is the title of your post.

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