Digital Marketing

Aug 19, 2011

Increase Your Google Ranking With Google+

You've probably heard about the potential Google + has for businesses to connect with customers. But did you know it can actually help with your website ranking? Google have made it very clear that content from Google + will be "fed back into search results and rankings". The SEO benefits alone are amazing! And if you don't have plans to create a Google + account, you'll miss out on an incredibly easy way to drive traffic to your website.

Google + & SEO

Most social networking sites put a "no follow" attribute for outgoing links on their site, that said the search engine bots crawl do not follow the link. This minimizes spamming for SEO purposes. On the other hand , outgoing links from Google+ have "follow" attribute, a lot of link juice to your website.The benefits of SEO for Google + are sure to be a hit with companies seeking to acquire free organic search traffic.

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