Digital Marketing

Feb 20, 2011

Top On-Page Optimization Factors

The most important part of search engine optimization is fine tuning of on page factors. Below are some of the top on page search engine optimization factors which cannot be ignored. Do check if you are missing something while optimizing your web pages:

1. Page Title Element
2. Page Name (url)
3. Keyword prominence
4. Keyword proximity
5. Keyword density
6. Location of Keywords on the Page (beginning to end, keywords in links, location of keywords in paragraph, footer, sidebar, header etc)
7. Number of occurrences of keyword
8. Heading Tags (h1-h3)
9. Text Type (bold, italic)
10. Links(Anchor text, location of links(header/footer..), title tag, inbound links, outbound links)
11. Images(file name, title element, alt attribute, location of image in the page, links on image)
12. Number of words in a page
13. Page layout (css errors, html errors, xhtml compliant)
14. Meta Tags (description, keywords, robots, content type)
15. Lower and Upper case letters in words
16. Use of stop words
17. Comment tags

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