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Feb 4, 2011

Google Chrome Updates - A Dash Of Speed And 3D Applications

On 3rd Feb, google pleased to bring new features of Chrome beta-channel stable build, which including WebGL, Chrome instant, and the Web Store.

WebGL is a new technology that provides hardware acceleration for 3D graphics in your browser. With WebGL in Chrome, you can experience the rich 3D experiences in the browser without additional software. Curious about the possibilities in three dimensions? Try these demos to experience the power of WebGL in the latest stable version of Chrome.

Chrome Instant (Instant to Google), web pages you visit frequently begins playing as soon as you start typing the URL. ("Look, Mom - no enter key!"). If supported by your default search engine, search results are displayed instantly when you type queries in Omnibox. Instant To test, you must activate tab basic options Chrome.

Finally, the Chrome Web store is open to all users in the U.S. Chrome. As part of this we have added a link to the web store Chrome New Tab, and two sample applications. (If you use these sample applications, which will automatically disappear after a while).

Some of the latest e-commerce, and Chrome web store include BBC goodfood, Autodesk, Sesame Street, the nine games and Marvel Comics. There are also many applications that use the latest web technologies to deliver an immersive, like TweetDeck and the New York Times. Even if the store is currently only available in Chrome users in U.S, We hope to expand the availability of users around the world soon

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