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Nov 30, 2011

Organic Traffic Generation To Your Site

Organic traffic to your site largely depends on how effectively you promote your sites with various tools and techniques. This kind of traffic is generated naturally and without employing any short cuts or paid submissions for the promotion of a website. After submitting your site to various search engines you may have to wait for months to get your site details appear against a search term used. This waiting period will be more especially when your site has less unique content.

The first step in generating organic traffic to your website is to have enough unique content in your site. Unique content is a very attractive food for search engines. All your inner pages should be linked from the homepage. The first page a search engine is going to visit is your homepage. Once it indexes your homepage it looks for further information through these links.

Verbatim Search Tool By Google

In response to user requests, Google has added a tool that explicitly searches for exactly and only your search term. This verbatim search removes personalized, corrected, suggested, related, and non-inclusive results.

The Verbatim Tool

After conducting any standard search, users can navigate to the left menu on the SERP and choose "More search options" > "Verbatim." This will direct the user to a new search results page that eliminates several types of results.
On the verbatim page, users will see only results that:
  • Include all their search terms.
  • Match their exact spelling.
  • Use the same tense (e.g., "is" and "was" will be seen as distinct).
  • Use the same verb form (e.g., "swimming" and "swim" will be seen as distinct).
  • Use the same plural vs singular form (e.g., "hat" and "hats" will be seen as distinct).

Nov 18, 2011

Google Analytics Uses Against You?

To rephrase the question, spy on you with their Google Analytics? Do they take that information and then possibly use it against you?

I think this idea comes from the conspiracy theory would have you believe Google is evil. Of course, it is true that Google currently dominates many utilities on the web: e-mail, Analytics and other Google Apps.

However, Matt Cutts, an engineer from Google Web Spam team, officially declared that his team does not have access to Google Analytics and Google Analytics team has no access to their information. So they do not use Google Analytics against anyone.

Nov 17, 2011

International SEO Strategy

Establishing a global web presence and optimizing for search engine results is more than just translation. In fact, without a true understanding of the cultural, political, linguistic, and social differences of the targeted country, marketers run the risk of driving users away. And, without the proper International SEO Strategy, they run the risk of something worse – never being found by users in the first place. Take a look at some of the best-practices and strategic tips below to help you gain international exposure and SEO value.

Nov 15, 2011

Google Shuffles Ad Placement - Online Search

Google believes it can make more money by placing some of its ads below its search results instead of alongside them.

The reshuffling began appearing on Google's website on Wednesday. The shift won't preclude ads from still appearing in the right column next to the search results.

Google found that certain ads generate more clicks when they appear at the bottom of the page. That's important to Google because it gets paid a certain amount each time an advertising link gets clicked. The company didn't specify what kinds of ads are likely to get the bottom-page billing.

Google Inc., which is based in Mountain View, California, regularly tweaks its search formula and advertising system in an effort to deliver better results to Web surfers and companies trying to promote their products.
The company's tactics have proven highly effective so far. Google handles about two out of every three Internet search requests. It is expected to sell more than $35 billion in advertising this year.

Google Ten recent algorithm changes

Today we’re continuing our long-standing series of blog posts to share the methodology and process behind our search ranking, evaluation and algorithmic changes. This summer we published a video that gives a glimpse into our overall process, and today we want to give you a flavor of specific algorithm changes by publishing a highlight list of many of the improvements we’ve made over the past couple weeks.

We’ve published hundreds of blog posts about search over the years on this blog, our Official Google Blog, and even on my personal blog. But we’re always looking for ways to give you even deeper insight into the over 500 changes we make to search in a given year. In that spirit, here’s a list of ten improvements from the past couple weeks:

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