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Sep 2, 2011

Building Links Through Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Building Links Through Social Media Optimization (SMO): Social media is growing in the links and was built to share content! If you're not enjoying the feat of building links between the media you are missing out on some good connections (social cues) that have much weight in the eyes of search engines.

1. Social Bookmarking Sites
The social bookmarking sites are a good place to get links to content items and help promote your content to a wider audience.

2. Share Buttons
Share buttons let your target audience to promote your content for you. As each like/ Tweet / post / email / +1 etc, therefore sends a signal to search engines that your content is valuable and useful. If your blog is on the same domain as the website of your company, it is a great way to create the total value of your site. Internal links provide the pages on your site to share the juice links to other pages so strongly associated blog disclose their trust factor with the rest of your site.

3. Social Networking Sites
Think about your Facebook as a giant of the link page, the traffic through the main site. You never want your target audience as is apparent in their social profiles. Encourage them to link to your site!

4. Video Marketing
Who says that the link can only come from the text content? The videos are a great way to breathe new life into the marketing of similar content and link building. First of all, videos can be an investment for search engines, and a growing presence of online brand. Have you noticed that the videos on sites above the regular websites in the SERP? A properly optimized video can be indexed just like a regular article or a blog. Therefore, it is important to include keywords that relate to the title and description of each video.

The video description is also a good place to drop a link to your main site! Sometimes, YouTube and other video sharing sites show only the first line of text in the description of the video, to obtain the name, phone number and Web site using the first line with the brand and link building.

5. Blog Commenting 
There are many articles on the value of blog comment when it comes to link building, but it is important enough to be mentioned again! One of the most important thing to remember when it comes to blog commenting is that you do not leave a link in the comment box itself. It may be tempting, but just do not do it. There are very few ways to ensure your blog comment will not be past the eyes of a blogger wants, but it is one of them. A blog comment is not the place for you to market your business and drop links to product pages. Be happy with the link you receive from the Name / URL and focus on other values ​​of blog comment like building a relationship with blogger, build your reputation, engage with other professionals and so on!

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Anonymous said...

Great post. Google+ seems to be growing in importance for social media buttons. A friend at an seo company told me about the impact the +1 button has it definitely counts big time. Anyone not using it needs to start!

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Enjoyed the post(s)....looked at a few. Andy

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