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Aug 19, 2011

Increase Your Google Ranking With Google+

You've probably heard about the potential Google + has for businesses to connect with customers. But did you know it can actually help with your website ranking? Google have made it very clear that content from Google + will be "fed back into search results and rankings". The SEO benefits alone are amazing! And if you don't have plans to create a Google + account, you'll miss out on an incredibly easy way to drive traffic to your website.

Google + & SEO

Most social networking sites put a "no follow" attribute for outgoing links on their site, that said the search engine bots crawl do not follow the link. This minimizes spamming for SEO purposes. On the other hand , outgoing links from Google+ have "follow" attribute, a lot of link juice to your website.The benefits of SEO for Google + are sure to be a hit with companies seeking to acquire free organic search traffic.

Google explains,

“Once these pages/profiles arrive they will probably operate in a way that’s pretty similar to Facebook Pages, but with some Google SEO benefits. They will be indexed, “followable” and individual updates or posts can be +1′d — much or all of which will be fed back into search results and rankings.”

Here Are Some Ways Google+ Can Affect Your SEO
  • Most social sites place a ‘no follow’ attribute to outgoing links from their site, this tells search engine crawl bots not the follow the link. This minimizes spamming for SEO purposes. On the other hand, outgoing links from Google + have the ‘follow’ attribute for plenty of link juices to your website.
  • When someone clicks a +1 button on your website, it reminds Google to crawl and index your website in general, less than an hour. Add a button to your site and share in Google+ and get pulled quickly. The more +1' s best.
  • Your Google Plus Profile are also shown in search results. This is your chance to catch a free listing on search results. The best part is that you can include clickable links in the results of your profile on Google + search engines. Just like PPC advertising, you can direct potential customers to specific sales and promotions page or a page you want to specifically encourage.
  • When you post something in Google +, the people in your circle who are logged in to the account a message appears on the first page of search results in search of particular topic.

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