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Aug 22, 2011

Google Sitelinks Updated - Number and Size of Sitelinks Are Increasing

Google Sitelinks, the outstanding feature SERP popular sub-pages of the most important webpages. The number and size of Sitelinks are increasing.

Google has official made it, users "in all supported languages", that "using modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or IE 7 and more" can able to see the sitelinks of the search for branded sites.

Sitelinks look like:

The expansion Sitelinks show the title and an description of the target sub-pages. Sitelinks only appear when Google is the certainty that a particular site is that you are seeking. If Google is less certain, they'll show you fewer sitelinks.

"For example," reads the official Google statement, "[museum of art nyc] shows more sitelinks than [the met] because we’re more certain you want results from" At most, Google will show 12 sitelinks.

In addition, the link to the site now contains many pages listed that could have appeared as a separate item down in the SERP will be included among the 12 site links. But when the expanded site links take about eight times the space above the fold than previous versions, it is a little help to anyone who competes for the position.

While some webmasters have expressed concern that the reality is that Google's algorithm only shows the site links to a narrow array of searches. There is a particular user benefit angle, and since then, Google plans to target your site accurately, the site links work than a quick entry to the central elements of the site.

Google is also experimentally helping users find on-site pages that aren't included in the sitelinks. The following image shows a sitelinks addition that wasn't publicized by Google:

Google in-site Search
The important thing to remember is that the metadata descriptions and titles are now more important than ever, and should be optimized for a small amount reserved for the new version of the site link.

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