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Aug 8, 2011

Google does crash bad content

Google has recently released a major update of its search algorithm . It is essentially about low-quality sites below to place in search. It is striking that in the last week masses search engine rankings have crashed. I have all the times a bit under the microscope and compiled the factors that have led in recent days to massive declines Visibility:
  • Directory listings
  • Pages with little content
1st Directory listings
The theme directory listings, especially for large Internet portals is to be found again and again. Such lists are used to improve the internal linking, and in this case means that the address entries are found more easily. This fly but just mass from the index. The interesting thing is that this does not affect the visibility great. I've watched a few of these kind of portals address. Without exception, all just to lose at least 30% of their indexed pages. In the above case studied is as high as 85%. But, and this is the interesting part: It has no effect on the visibility of the page. The investigations which I made ​​to show the topic however, for example, that such a move, the linked list of pages sub-pages in the rankings down. It almost seems as if this kind of internal linking is just completely devalued.

2nd Pages with little content
This is obviously a little experimenting. It is striking that the sides had stable rankings for a long time with relatively little content will now be passed. I'm talking here of shifts in position 20 to 30 positions down. The precise analysis is unfortunately a bit expensive and my crawler is not quite as fast as Google, so here the detailed analysis is still pending.

In summary especially with regard to the directories, difficult times. Finally, there is Google Places and is a good basic directory services to make life more difficult. The observed changes are currently only around individual pages, not entire sites. Google's attempt to devalue the individual, inferior components of pages without punishing the rest of the domain I think is quite reasonable. This will lead eventually to a further appreciation of the network and, generally speaking.

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